One thing I try to help people to see is that there is a future that is bright and wonderful if only they decide to claim it for themselves.

This is not as easy for some as it is for others, especially when there are limiting beliefs involved through self-belief and doubt.

I have to recognise where I am blocking myself to be able to see how to free myself. The only way to recognise my blocks, or to be released from my blocks is to keep asking my intuition what lays ahead for me, what there is that can help create a better place in my world and then taking my own answers and putting them to use.

Trusting in your internal guidance system isn’t always easy when the logical mind tries to answer you with a different response to keep you in the ‘safe’ zone.

That is why I encourage everyone to build a strong relationship with themselves like they do with others.

When you start asking yourself who you are, what you want, what you like and don’t like you build a good sense of self and open your awareness to uncover more and more and then slowly you start to trust your instincts and feelings and organically move more toward the very thing you want in life than feeling the constant anxiousness, challenges and you start asking how any challenge can work in your favour rather than against it.

You really do have EVERYTHING you will ever need inside of you and one of the main things we learn when connecting from others is validation on our path of who we are, who we aren’t and what we do and don’t want in out life.

When was the last time you told yourself you DESERVE the best in life, that you are WORTHY of having whatever the fuck you want and DEMAND it appear through a sense of IT IS DONE IT IS MINE because I just believe in the power of the universe to deliver to me what I want?!?

It’s funny to me that we sit back in our sense of righteousness that just because we do the ‘right’ thing that we deserve to be seen, heard, honoured but that just isn’t the case.

Sometimes you do have to push past all the righteousness, bullshit in your mind and just see EVERYTHING you want as being done already and not because you are a good or bad person.

It actually has NOTHING to do with it at all.

Everything comes back to you. Your belief around who you are and what you deserve and want in life and the fact that you know 100% it is yours and it is coming to you NOW!

That is IT!

The moment you start questioning or doubting yourself is the moment you cut the energy, the link with the universe and say well maybe I don’t deserve and maybe it won’t happen to me and maybe I do need to work hard. This is your programming and it is time to reframe the shit out of that.

Build your path forward, create a thriving inspiring place for yourself and others to flourish and watch the seeds planted turn into a gorgeous flowering bush right in front of your eyes without effort.

There are solutions for everything, your intuition is guiding you on the path and the path is harder for others and easier for some and it is a matter of asking yourself.

What do you want?
How much do you want it?
What are you prepared to do to get it?
Will you follow your intuition and takes risks thrown your way?
Take the actions as they come as opportunities?
To reap the rewards!

You can sit and play a martyr all you like and say well it is not ‘spiritual’ or ‘fair’ that I earn a million dollars when there are homeless people on the street that can’t eat. Well, why don’t you go forth and earn a million helping people, providing solutions so you can share your received income to help the homeless?

See it is all about your perception, your mindset, your beliefs, your purpose, your sense of self, being prepared to take the risk on you 1000% and never stopping because this is why we were born and not to follow the rules.

FARK the rules, create your own, do what you want how you want and without seeking the permission from anyone else. Follow your heart, your soul, your intuition and allow it to pave the most magnificent pathway forward for you and you will be LIVING a heavenly life while you are alive <3

Lysa xo

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