You never miss an opportunity to create the life of your get to press restart, renew, cancel/clear/delete in each and every second of every moment of each day so there is NO EXCUSE, no one standing in your way other than you.

If you feel as though you can’t get ahead, that there are always limitation and blocks in your way that is because there is…in your mind.

You don’t trust in yourself, trust in your vision and trust in what you feel your life’s mission is.

When you constantly think about that lack, what you don’t have, feeling in comparison of and upset as to why everyone else around you has the very thing you seek you will NEVER get there.

Because there is a vibrational mismatch.

You can’t love and fear in the same breath.

It isn’t possible.

What is possible…is for you to decide just what you are and aren’t prepared to accept in your life knowing you are your own creator.

When you try to justify anything to yourself all you are doing is trying to convince yourself of something you don’t believe.

Consider for a moment if life actually was easy and in flow?
Nothing would be hard.
Everything would have its place, its purpose and there would be no doubt and uncertainty.
Why you decide…when you choose what you want then life takes a turn to make it happen for you.
Sometimes it takes 5 minutes other times it takes 10 years.

You just never ever know who you will connect with, what conversations you will have or why you feel drawn to drive in a different direction or feel called to do a workshop or course with someone in a field you never considered…trust your intuition and there is insight there for you to uncover.

Always…life is providing opportunities for your soul’s growth…you can either accept it or reject it. You can pretend it doesn’t happen or doesn’t exist and that is perfectly fine…you are human.

There is plenty of evidence to support that the unseen has validity. Like when you see a helicopter first you see the rotor blades but when it is in motion, flight, you can no longer see the rotor blades.

Like with life…we are born from an ovary and sperm that is unseen…but we trust in life, the manifestation of the coming together of two beings that create life itself.

So…you do have a choice in EVERYTHING.

If you believe that you do not deserve something you will never have it.
If you believe someone else is more talented, gifted, inspiring than you then they always will be.
If you continue to place your focus externally…you will never truly discover the depths of your soul….

Your own magic
Your own message
Your own soul
Your own journey
Your own self

Rejection is apparent across the globe…

Rejection within
Rejection with others
Rejection of experiences
Rejection with receiving

Decide what you truly desire in life and stop rejecting it.
Stop making excuses as to the reason why you can’t have, don’t have and aren’t able to accomplish because each and every day you have this new opportunity to explore, expand and ignite your every desire in every and any capacity.

We reject money, people, career opportunities, gifts…the list can go on and on.

It doesn’t matter what you reject…each rejection is a rejection of self, denial, martyrdom…

This calls for a check in…what do you truly love and desire to be, do, have in your life that you keep REJECTING?

Take time to ponder, question and really ask…why are you rejecting it in your life.

Your answers may surprise you!

Lysa xo