Learn how to LISTEN to your soul’s guidance, get SUPER CLEAR on what’s going on in your life, release the ‘STORIES’ around who you are and move forward with CONFIDENCE toward your future!

Hey there lovely, I am super excited to share with you Soul Power Intensive where I am going to help you to get connected with your intuition and learn how to harness the power of your soul so that as you move through your life you will find making decisions and challenges easier to navigate.

The beliefs and mindset you need to create impact, live your life on purpose, in alignment with your life dreams and goals to share your message with the world!

The Soulful Project came to life when I realised there was a great need for more SOULFUL Entrepreneurs to really help others shift their beliefs and mindset to help them achieve greater fulfilment in their business and life.


Services I offer


Personal and Spiritual Development via Online Courses and In-Persons Workshops.

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Live Reading Shows focused on reconnecting you with a loved one who has passed over.

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Individual and Group Readings and Sessions via Phone and Skype.

If you would like to make an appointment for an Individual or Group Reading or Session please contact me the following ways for all booking and pricing information:

Phone: 0466499349

Email: info@lysamichel.com.au

Private Message on my Facebook Page – Lysa Michel Medium

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