You wouldn’t ask for financial advice from a seamstress…would you?
Not unless the seamstress was also a financial advisor.

My point is…when asking for advice, remember who you are asking it from.
If you have friends or family that you constantly ask for advice from remembering who they are and what type of advice they would give you, the perspective they will be answering your question from.

Their experience, their personal beliefs etc.

In the end trust in your own ADVICE, build the relationship with yourself, learn more about who you are and what you want to achieve in this world and then make your decision based upon your VISION, your desired OUTCOME and don’t sway from it.

One of the main reasons people give up on their ‘dreams’ is that it was never really the true ‘dream’ to begin with it was something that they thought they should do or something that sounded good at the time.

When you spend time focusing in on you, understanding how you work, what feels aligned for you and makes you feel happy and inspired, you will then start to see things from a totally different perspective and know that everything you have ever really wanted is probably the one thing you have been avoiding all along that just keeps showing up regardless of what has been going on in your life.

The one thing that without money…you could do EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Sit down with a journal and start writing every single morning.
Ask the same question every day for 90 days – “If I could do anything today, what would I be doing”
then write down whatever comes to you intuitively, without you thinking about it.

You have so much to offer people that are your natural born gifts and talents that you probably aren’t seeing because you haven’t taken the time to notice it.

Start with the exercise over the next 90 days and I assure you, you will start to see a theme occur which is undeniable

Lysa x