Trust your GUT!

We have all heard that before.

What does it mean?!?

In simple terms it means trust an inner voice that is guiding you to something you desire. A voice that is often said to be coming from the pits of your stomach and calling loudly to you so much so that your body can and does for some people feel like a belly craving or abdominal pain.

A desire you have may be…a goal, a dream, a change in career, a new house, children, a new focus in life that is going to fulfil you far beyond your current measure of the meaning of life.

We can choose to stay where we are and follow societies lead or we can decide to make a change and follow our own internal GPS that is guiding us to a new state.

There are a lot of things in life that are a sure bet…most of the time. Death and taxes, we have all heard that to. We all wake up in the morning and have our usual day to day routine until it is holiday time when we spend more time with friends and family and feel the freedom of not being chained to anyone or anything.

What if your heart was calling you to change your path today? Could you? Would you?

The TRUST YOUR GUT I am talking about is big life challenges. What if you constantly had a yearning for changing your career, moving interstate or overseas, beginning or ending relationships, travelling or taking a year off to explore the country.

If you keep thinking about it, it is never going to happen. You have to trust your intuition and start making plans to make it happen.

You do have an alternative.

You can wake up in another 5 years after you decided it was too hard to change and still feel lost and confused about life because you never gave yourself the chance.

Life is too short to not consider your options and make some decisions around what is calling you!

If you were to allow yourself to sit and dream for a moment what would you see? How would that make you feel? Who do you have to become to make that happen?

It is calling you because it is meant for you.

If you were talking to a friend that had a constant yearning for something wouldn’t you support them and encourage them to follow their dreams?

So…don’t you think you should consider taking your own advice!

Life is too short to be grumpy, unhappy, sleepy and uninspired…that’s not living…that is only existing.

Don’t put off to tomorrow what you can enjoy or achieve today.

You will be so surprised just how amazing it feels to be living a life on purpose, with clarity and with divine inspiration.

A path that will unlock many new and exciting experiences is something we all strive for in life.

I’ll take two thanks!

Trust your GUT…you won’t regret it.

Life is short. Make every second count,