Visibility may not mean a lot to you, but if you are an entrepreneur or in a business of any kind, visibility means the world to you.

Being visible means being heard, being seen and being able to share your message, your insight, your knowledge with the world.
Your message may only be read by one person or by 100, maybe even 10,000. You just don’t know. Especially if you never receive any feedback, you just never truly know if your message is getting out into the world.
There are so many ways to be visible, especially in this digital age but a part of truly being able to be visible I have realised comes from a space, an energy, the vibration of confidence.
If you are not confident with who you are or the message you have to share, you will avoid sharing the very deep part of yourself from fear of judgement, fear of rejection, fear of failure and fear of success.
If you show the very parts of yourself that could cause a persons’ perception of you to change, it can be a very scary thing to do, especially if you are not confident with sharing and letting go of what you want to say or feels necessary to be said.
Can I ask you? If you were totally confident, and fully trusted and believed in who you were, the message you had to share with the world and just knew no matter what you said SOMEONE was going to benefit from it, would you share it?
If your answer is yes…what is holding you back?
Confidence, certainty, that what you share with the world won’t be used against you or the fact that you are unsure about people’s reactions and how to deal with them, hence a lack of faith and trust in your own intuition and it’s guidance toward you sharing the very message that could change the course of someone’s life FOREVER.
When you build a strong sense of yourself and understanding of who you are and have no fear or uncertainty around what you say or do you will in turn confidently attract people into your life that think, act and feel the same way.
You may get the odd person here and there that does not agree with you, especially if speaking up or speaking out is new to you, but that is ok…this to shall pass.
In the end…what is most important is that you share your voice with others…there are people all over the planet that need to hear what you have to say, after all, we are all spiritual beings and people need and learn from people.
I am not saying share something that you know will intentionally hurt another person, what I am saying is that often we feel compelled to share things, parts of our lives, our thoughts, our journey with others and don’t because we think it sounds stupid, childish or crazy.
Share your message, share your voice, allow yourself to be heard without fear or concern and be ok with what you share.
After all…we came to this planet with eyes to see the truth, with ears to hear the words, with mouths to speak and with feelings to know and understand.
Don’t put off until tomorrow to say what you need to say, tomorrow you may not get the chance.
Lysa xo
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