I am a psychic, medium, educator, mover & shaker, empire maker who is also a wife, mother, daughter, big talker and super passionate gal.

You can tell a lot about a person when you find out some of their favourite things... I love the finers things in life but I also love my creature comforts...like champagne & chippies, I love binging on a good psyche series on Netflix and love nothing better than a day by the ocean, a cocktail in the city and spending time with my family is my number one priority.

As a messenger, content creator, author, medium and mentor I connect with people all over the world to help them become the best version they can of themselves through my online journal, shows, training, courses and programs.

I am known for my bold quirky personality, #unfcukyourself  'give it to me straight-no nonsense' personality that hits the nail on the head every time.

I am not afraid to share with you my life, my story, my struggles and fears, overcoming addictions, my successes and failures - my 'real' self in hopes to inspire you to find your inner courage, wisdom and tenacity to do the same.

Through my online journaling, I aim to be the catalyst that helps you shift and shape your life.

'Psychic' abilities run strong in my family and I use these abilities in EVER element of my work and my life.

My focus is to meld both the intuitive and coaching worlds, the psychic and the coach to provide a unique experience.

During my live events I connect with the spirit world to not only validate that our spirit, our soul lives on after physical death, but also to provide the opportunity for you to reconnect with a loved one and share moments that lead to your healing.

You have the whole world in your hands.

My philosophy -

Life is short, make every second count

My mission -

To help you to shift your perspective in life and release the fear and stories and live the purpose-driven, inspired, motivated life you KNOW you were born for.

Take a look around and see how I can help you.