Lysa Michel is a wife, mother, daughter, big talker and super passionate gal.

She is also a messenger, content creator, author, medium and mentor that connects with people all over the world to help them become the best version they can of themselves through her online journal, shows, courses and programs.

She is known for her bold quirky personality and 'give it to me straight-no nonsense' personality that hits the nail on the head every time.

Lysa is not afraid to tell you about her life, her story, her struggles and fears, overcoming addictions, the successes and failures - her 'real' self in hopes to inspire you to find your inner courage, wisdom and tenacity to do the same.

Through her journaling she aims to be the catalyst that helps you shift and shape your life.

'Psychic' abilities run strong in her family, she uses these abilities in every element of her work.

Whether it be for live events, courses and programs and individual 1:1...her unique style and delivery melding both her understanding of coaching and mentoring and her psychic self  provide a unqiue experience for all those that come in contact with her.

During the live events she connect with the spirit world to not only validate that our spirit, our soul lives on after physical death, but also to provide the opportunity for you to reconnect with a loved one and share moments that lead to your healing.

What Lysa mostly wants to share with you is that you have the whole world in your hands.

Living life largely with her philosophy -

Life is short, make every second count

sees her tirelessly working around the clock to see that people shift their perspective in life and release the fear and stories and live the purpose driven, inspired, motivated life they KNOW they were born for.

Take a look around the site and see how Lysa can help you!