Pick a Colour – Pink, Purple or Blue

PICK A COLOUR PINK, PURPLE or BLUE PINKToday, on this day, you asked a very important question…If you could make your life anything at all, what would it be? You see the reason why PINK is important for you today is because you often AVOID the question of your future because you are afraid of


WHY ME Struggle Street Warning: Grab a coffee…you are going to need to sit and take this one in. I know you feel like life is a struggle right now, in so many ways, but the truth is (with love I say) you are causing your own struggle right now. Before you start with telling
Fuck me… why the hell do we go around in circles and circles and constantly question and wonder about every damn thing instead of doing the damn thing. If you get a feeling that something might not be right for you it probably isn’t. If you get a feeling, you might love something inside and
Often when we start on a journey toward a goal, a vision or something that is inspirational that lives in our soul we embark with a sense of adventure, ready for any challenge and little do we know that every adventure comes with the usual difficulties experienced in just about every area of our lives
I get to dream, inspire, connect, explore and challenge myself each and every day. It can be a wild ride at times especially throwing all caution to the wind and sometimes not knowing the outcome of the day until it the day is over.
It’s hilarious to me that as I sit here this morning preparing myself for my day I keep feeling as though all I want to do is ride unicorns all day. Unicorns represent leadership, strength, courage…well for me they do anyway but also they represent that fun, intuitive and magical element that we all love
Do you think you are ever going to be able to do it? I was just having a conversation with a friend and we were discussing our life, our path and how shitty it feels when we feel like we are trapped in the middle of some weird freaky horror movie time.
Ok, now don’t get me wrong…I am not saying you have no choice here but what I am saying is that if you want anything specific in your life, and right now you don’t have it and are seriously wanting it and just can’t see how… Then a change is needed to make sure you


These past week’s…have been busy, yet also…week’s of reflection.
The more and more you sit and wonder and ponder about things the more you’re not actually doing what you seek out to be doing. You will find an excuse, a reason why you shouldn’t do the things that make you feel alive, connected…LIT!