purpose Jul 22, 2021

Are you feeling the pressure?

 The energy right now is so dense and has had me sleeping the past two afternoons for 2 plus hours.

It's felt like suddenly I was being magnetically pushed and pulled from the forces all around me so much so I felt such a pressure to comply.

Comply with 'the system', comply with friends, comply with work and really just might of well as handed over my soul to be poked and prodded without my permission.

There is a sense of assumption and almost this feeling of being pissed off with others even though we don't know why when really it is coming from within.

When you feel so angry at the world around you and you don't know why.
When people don't have anything nice to say and you are so damn annoyed by it.
When confusion seems to be the only repetitive stance.

Humour me this.

What if...this confusion was actually happening to help you to clarify your stance?
What if...this sense of a lack of freedom from your own choices was happening so you actually did know what to choose?
What if...these moments the past few days were all happening for you and not to you?

The shifting happening on the planet right now is throwing us into a sense of chaos, doubting, questioning and it may also be that right now we are needing this chaos to allow our soul to rise and show us our core truth.

Bypass those beliefs and see what it is that is really calling us forward, where the burning desires are rising to the surface to be seen and heard, where life truly has meaning for us.

For me, it is also a time where I am realising where again I have fallen back into the belief that I have to 'fall in line', do things properly, where I feel like there is a 'right' way and I have to find it when at my core my true belief is...

I am an intuitive soul, a being with an essence who at the core has this passion, this burning desire to help all different kinds of people with different problems and there is no order and total chaos that in itself holds its own structure and is perfect for me and the way I work.

That to 'conform' stifles my thoughts, my heart and my own evolution and nothing feels more alienating and hard, restricted and orchestrated which for me goes against everything I stand for and believe in.

I believe in freedom.
I believe in my ability to do what I want when I want and it's perfect that way for me.
I believe that no one has ever or should ever tell me how to do 'me' or my 'work' in a way that will serve the masses because in truth I am here for the wild ones.

I am here, born with a purpose of showing people how to be unapologetically all-of-themselves, to shine being who they are and live their life in accordance with their own souls' direction.

I was born to show people how to create a life, relationship and business they truly respect, admire, inspired by and know in their heart makes them whole.

NEVER was I born to be the woman who complies!!!
NEVER was I born to be the woman who shuts her mouth for fear of judgement or rejection!!!
NEVER was I born to be the woman who sits still while others make bold moves being afraid of the moves and failing!!!

I encourage you to consider - are you like me?

Do you sit closed off to a world, to a person, to a lover, to your business because you are so afraid of being who you are and what you are meant to be doing in case it's wrong in someone else's eyes or for fear that you will look like an idiot?

WHY....why do we allow ourselves to feel like we have to confirm.

Mostly I am pretty good at picking up when this is happening but one thing I do know is this....when it is happening it is a calling to step the fuck up and be bolder, more courageous and go deeper than ever before.

Don't you want to go there too?
Don't you want to consider your future?
Don't you want to give yourself a chance to fully be you?
Don't you want to give yourself the opportunity to dive into a life you have yearned for?

Whether this is taking the chance to trust your partner and be really vulnerable, maybe deciding to allow the fear to be the fear and know in your heart that that change you want to make in your life is worth it, or even finally step into your new career...


You deserve it just the same as anybody else and everything you feel, know and see inside of you is actually very real and waiting to become a tangible part of the journey of your life.

Do it, because you were born to live your most aligned life possible!
Do it, so others can see you take the courage and follow suit!
Do it, because if you don't you may well look back on this life and regret that you didn't.

Lysa xo

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