success mindset Nov 15, 2017


Ok, now don’t get me wrong…I am not saying you have no choice here but what I am saying is that if you want anything specific in your life, and right now you don’t have it and are seriously wanting it and just can’t see how…

Then a change is needed to make sure you get the very thing you are wanting.

If you are sitting, waiting, hoping for change to come and thinking that…this is the life you were born for and it is going to happen regardless so just surrender…

Ummm yeah NAH!

Life is a series of sliding doors.

You actually have multiple options during this life to decide just which way you want to turn and what you are going to do about it.

Yes, there is always a path that seems you are meant to go down, and no matter what you take yourself there even if your logical mind is screaming NOOOOO, you do it anyway.

Then you think, why the hell did I do that, I knew it would turn out wrong but I just couldn’t stop myself.

That is fair enough too.

I want to ask you this…


Crazy ass question.
But oh so true.

See when we work on our beliefs, our values, what is important to us and uncover what we truly desire to live our life we realize we can have a LIFE BY DESIGN.

It doesn’t happen just by thinking about it.
It doesn’t happen just by being strategic either.
It happens because you make some serious decisions, focus on preparing your life for the result you want through shifting your internal nature and altering your life compass so that you have yourself ready and prepared to receive what it is you are after.

We all know that for a marathon runner to win the race, it takes preparation, training, mindset, nutrition and the combination of all of these things along with holding themselves accountable is what ensures the best possible outcome.

First…you can’t win the race if you aren’t in it.

If you were to look at your life around you right now and see what you feel you are missing and wrote a list of the things you desire…then took that list and asked yourself…what do I need to do in order for this list to become my reality?

It would be a total game-changer.

You would see that regardless of what you do or do not have right now there are parts of your life missing that is making you feel less ‘whole’.

It also stands to reason when you feel this way…you will be flaking in various areas of your life. It may be as simple as asking yourself the question.


When you ask yourself this question and trust the responses without questioning their integrity you will feel it in your body.

I have known people who have made massive shifts in their life simply by recognizing the things in their life they were missing.

For others…it takes more than this.

It comes down to your beliefs, your desire and your ‘knowing’.

Knowing that there is more to life and that you deserve to receive.

What are you prepared for in life?
What are you missing?
What are you going to do to get it?

Lysa xo

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