Don’t sell yourself short…ever.

When I add up all the money I have spent on personal and spiritual development, followed by life and business coaching it has come to nearly 100k.

After implementing all I have learned I have come to understand one important thing.

NONE of it works unless your mindset is in the right space.

Your mind, your beliefs, your values all have to align as the groundwork to everything.

How you react or deal with life defines who you are in business.

If you continue to show up in a way that allows anyone to pierce the epicentre of your being then you need to check-in with yourself as to the alignment of your business model.

Many a man can walk in the footsteps of others, only an aligned man who truly follows their calling leaves the steps for others to follow.

Are you a trailblazer?
Leading the way with your visionary feats?
Do you often feel as though you have something amazing and wild to share with the world?
Why aren’t you sharing it?
Have you tapped into its power?
Asked for more insight, guidance around it?

You have to be prepared to go from 1 to 100 in 8 seconds.
You have to be open enough to receive the messages.
You have to be prepared to go all in on you.


What’s the alternative?

I can’t even speak of it…it makes me feel sick at the thought of all that untapped disconnected intuitive insight and wisdom not being downloaded.

It’s a totally crazy concept for me.

If you want help downloading it…if you want to dig deep and uncover your mark on the world then join me in July for The Soulful Project.

It’s for those who have a calling in the world and they want to connect with it, uncover it, create a manifesto for bringing it to life.

This is a day for working on your life and business life you NEVER have before.

I will call you on your b.s. and help you pull it put of you.

Realign you to your power, your passion and purpose and help you remember what you came here for.

And it’s fully catered…your needs will be met with tea, coffee, refreshments, morning and afternoon tea.

A whole day connecting with your soul’s purpose.

Lysa xo


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