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For a while now I have been speaking with spirit about 2020, 2021 and what our future may hold.


They continue to remind me that...we hold the future in our own hands.


Think about the times you get out of bed, get dressed, have breakfast, shower, go out for dinner, to the movies, drive - each of those actions takes a decision, thought, choice.


So just as 2020 may have surprised many, spirit continue to show me a lack of surprise, just simply another fork in the road.


Our lives are filled with forks in the road from one day to the next.


So why then do we allow ourselves to become breathless, decision-less, stalled, afraid when each day we are continually faced with decisions that may well make us feel the same way.


2020 for me was eye-opening, inspiring, shared insights about myself, my life, things I knew were possible but finally became imagined.


For me I took many moments during 2020 to reflect and finally put on my big girl shoes and release a course I have wanted to release for many years, in fact, I released 3 in one year that I have held off releasing for many years.




Because I was afraid it wasn't going to be perfect, that I would forget something, that someone would tell me it was shit or someone would come along and say 'that's wrong' like many of the experiences I experienced first hand in the spiritual field that you would expect to be supportive, nurturing and encouraging instead was none of those.


I needed the confidence to step up, step out and step forward.


Then I realised something more powerful than ever before.


Many of you would have heard me repeat the slogan 'Be like NIKE, just do it'.


This is because you can't only attain confidence once you have mastered, or at the very least become very well experienced in something.


You don't have confidence the first time you tie your shoes,

you don't have confidence the first time you try and cook a new recipe,

you don't have confidence learning a new language so how in the world would you have the confidence to go out and do the very things you want to achieve without trial and error, practice makes perfect, having the courage to go out and experience what you desire.


Only then will you develop confidence...

only then will you find joy...

only then will you experience accomplishment.


What are you holding back on?

What do you know you want to do but are struggling to?


What are you waiting to have the confidence in before you take the leap of faith?


Stop waiting and start living.


Lysa xo


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