afterlife May 06, 2020

I am going to give it to you straight up!

When it comes to developing your mediumship abilities (along with just about anything you want to learn or master):-

  • It is going to take time
  • It is going to take you being able to go ALL IN
  • It is going to take you being willing to fail
  • It is going to take you being open
  • It is going to take you being ready for anything
  • It is going to take you understanding that like everything in life, you will try - fail - get up again - succeed
  • It is going to take you being prepared to see this as something you truly desire and not give up if it becomes frustrating or confusing
  • It is going to take you setting an intention and following it through
  • It is going to take you being responsible for your own journey
  • It is going to take you doing the work


Opening up to the spirit world can be a truly amazing experience, it may also be quite daunting and as with everything there are many schools of thought around things.

Here are a few things I have learned along the way >>>

Intentions mean everything

If I walk into any session with anyone with hesitation, doubt, fear i.e. my own shit happening - then the chances are that my own personal stuff will influence the outcome of the communication.

It's so important to learn how to be still, silent, to keep a clear head (as much as is possible) to help the people around you the best.

To fully trust in my process

Think about it, whenever we go to do anything there is always a way we start to do anything and when it is proven to work out then we start by following the process and build upon it or change and shift from there.

Be open to shift and change depending on the needs of the person

Often what can happen is, we speak with someone and have an idea of what is required, but when we start things will shift and change and we have to be OK with this.

Being there 100% for the person instead of being worried about making a fool of yourself is way more important. 

At all times this is never about us, it is all about the person we are trying to connect to and with.

Just when you get comfortable and feel like you know what you are doing, things change

This is because we all learn and grow, when we shift it is completely normal that our likes, dislikes, the way we think and work shifts too.

So it does mean having to be ok with change, be ok with knowing that there is ebb and flow in everything we do and that might mean taking time out to allow the integration of new processes or new understandings to integrate.

Developing your mediumship abilities IS a path of personal and spiritual development

As much as most people don't understand this, mediumship is one of the greatest ways to develop yourself personally and can truly reshape your life.

  • It is a way of learning about humanity, understanding people and the reasons why they do things and building a strong personal foundation of trust and strength.
  • It can lead to being a better partner, parent, friend and colleague. 
  • It can lead to guiding you to find another area of your life that requires attention that you maybe haven't had the courage to approach yet.
  • It can lead to assisting you to develop emotional resilience.
  • It can lead to you feeling more satisfied and fulfilled in life by helping others see their potential.
  • It can lead to you learning, uncovering more about yourself in a really positive way, giving you insights into why you think and feel things the way you do.
  • It can help you to heal from your past.

I can't promise anyone that they will have any particular experience but what I can promise is that by setting an intention around what you do - you will inevitably learn so much more about yourself, others and how to live a more fulfilling and happy life.

Lysa xo

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