success mindset May 15, 2017


You can sit and wonder and compare and talk smack and question and doubt your shit all day long but until you are prepared to step up, hold the bar higher and truly do the work, holding yourself accountable each and every step of the way you may as well give up now.

Yes, I am being harsh.
Yes, I am in your face.
Yes, I am being very fucking transparent.
Yes, you may not like what you are reading.

But just like Mother Abbess said to Maria in The sound of Music “Maria, these walls were not meant to shut out problems. You have to face them. You have to live the life you were born to live.”


I may not be perfect.
I may not have all my shit fully together.
I may not be exactly where I want to be right now in my life and in my world but I can tell you this…

I am working damn hard on being EXACTLY where I want to be and I will own the fuck out of it when I reach my highest goals and dreams.

No tall poppy syndrome here…I deserve to live and love my life and have everything I have ever wanted because I am alive, because I went all in, because I took the action steps necessary to get there and I didn’t go running to every other tom, dick and harry to make it happen.

I stopped, I tuned in and I listened to my heart, my soul and really asked the tough questions about who I am and what I want and then I just DECIDED I would be prepared to do whatever it took to start moving towards it.

Today I have been sitting in quite a quiet space of contemplation, reflection and really tapping into what it is I want and what I am prepared to do as opportunities are appearing on my path.

I have been fine tuning my senses and asking to connect with the bigger picture and to see what my feelings are around these said opportunities.

Sometimes when you close the door to the things that either look like shiny objects or make you feel really comfortable and like you are doing the same old same old this is where you need to really consider if you do want to do this again.

Shiny Object Syndrome and Too Comfortable Factor are there to help to keep you right on track to your vision.

You just have to understand, be clear and refuse to accept anything other than your vision to make it become a reality.

Maybe what you want will happen a different way to the way you THINK it will happen, after all, manifesting is not about following the structured path, the golden goose for the golden egg, somethings it is the unspoken, unchartered path that appears before you to help you reach that same goal.

You just have to be prepared to step outside of the box and not be struck down and sidetracked by the golden goose or what feels ‘normal’ as the way YOU are meant to go.

I don’t like normal.
I never have.
I don’t like being boxed in.
It doesn’t feel HUMAN to me.
I guess I am not so HUMAN and more SPIRITED than anything else.

I believe you have a higher calling than the human mind can logically perceive but only a small portion of us are prepared to trust the magical path.

That’s ok, we aren’t all meant to walk the path, it all depends on your perspective and your ability to trust and believe in intuition, connection, spirit and soul.

If you can see it, it is yours.

You just have to be prepared to take it, to own it as your normal, to be it fully in each moment.

When you take a moment to become the observer of your life and see just what you have and haven’t been acknowledging about yourself, accepting about your current life and path and deciding that you can re-create it and know it will come to fruition…then you will see that you CAN have your cake and eat it too and that all those boundaries, fears, limiting beliefs you have been seeing as your normal can then fall away and make space for the re-invented version of who you are and who you are meant to be.

But first…you have to ask yourself…


Lysa xo

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