life with passion Oct 19, 2021

We all have that something in our lives that's not negotiable.

The one thing that seems to keep us grounded and aligned knowing if that's working everything else has the ability to all work out fine.

For some people it's their morning walk, for others, it's their daily meditation ritual, for some it's wearing their favourite lipstick, for others, it's their nightly gratitude, for others, it's their weekly shopping and organising their food.

For me... it's my hair.

My hair means the world to me.

It's the one thing that connects my identity, my soul and with good hair, a woman can change life on a whim.

It's always been this way for me.

When it works it works and when it doesn't my world feels like it's falling apart.

A few times my hair has definitely shown me when I am moving in the wrong direction in life and where I need to come back to the centre and redirect my focus and energy.

Well hair had been through another frickin journey.

One hairdresser out of three I have had recently was so beautiful as a person and my hair was nice but I need an edge.

My hair is my personality.

My most recent experience didn't go so well but I remained calm even though it's hard to tell but let's just say my hair is partially appalling.

I had to ask a question of myself after it because I am so much in the flow of 'you can't change it so be ok with it and work through it you will be fine' because otherwise, you let yourself get in a pickle.

But yesterday I really took a moment to say NO.

It's not ok. And... it's ok to not be ok.

It's ok to say what you have to say to who you have to say it to.

I was always bold and spoke from my truth which has often offended and even had one man give me the message that my sharp tongue needs to be silenced.

I have had friends and colleagues lie to me in order to not feel the wrath of my sharp tongue.

So I have toned myself back somewhat to make sure I am not being obnoxious or rude because Lysa doesn't have a filter face and you can see and know what I am thinking.

One problem has come with has stopped me from standing up for myself, standing up for what's right for me and not allowing people to take advantage or think I am a pushover.

I have had events rescheduled because they wanted to serve another medium first, my hair has snapped off because they weren't paying attention, I have missed out on events because someone was too gutless to say they didn't want me there to my face and pretended the situation was different than what it was, I had a friend specifically promote themselves to my clients for their own purpose, I had a friend backhandedly arrange an event on their own that we were supposed to arrange together because they were so selfish and couldn't see collaboration as a positive thing being in their ego, no apologies from anyone about the way I was treated like I was their stomping ground and Lysa will be right she can cope and hey she won't know I lied to her.

Everything was my own fault.

My boundaries weren't strong enough.

I didn't approach things with clarity of intention just hoping that people would treat me with the same respect and loyalty I offered.

Obviously, I failed to realise one thing in all of that which was we can only ever fully back ourselves, be present in everything and be real in every way.

When we don't say to people it's not ok for you to treat me this way, not once, not twice but ongoing thinking 'I should be more empathetic or flexible' when we actually feel we have been wronged.

It's not ok.

We need to know it's not acceptable to be negatively influenced and treated like that by ANYBODY in any situation.

We must stand up for ourselves and in a calm manner state, it's not ok and claim how we gat to be treated.

Something I talked about recently in my shift your shit program... Where are your standards?!?

Raise your standards = improve outcomes and experiences = high vibe living.

Let this be your validation today that it's ok to stand up for yourself.

It's 100% ok to want what you want and deserve to be treated with respect and make it known when it's not ok for you.

Don't allow yourself to be fooled and secondly, don't become the fooler!

Call yourself out on your own shit too.

If you aren't clean and honest with yourself shit's going to go down.

Sort your shit out, take responsibility so you can clearly move forward with a clean slate.

Then you will find your power, the part of you that just KNOWS what you are meant to do. Then you will find purpose and love and connection ♥

Lysa xo

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