life with passion Feb 27, 2018


If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.

My mum made a point of telling me this growing up, instilling in me the values that I needed to see me through my life and keep me safe. At the time I wondered why she said that, was she having a go at me, did I have a sharp tongue? No…it is important to understand etiquette, rapport, and discerning who to converse with and how.

My mother worked in one of the most decadent hotels in Finland serving politicians brandy and other expensive liqueurs that were mostly flushed down the sink as they only had a few sips of each and preferred to drink beer.

One of the most amazing memories my mother has shared with me was about her journey moving to Australia. How my mother and father first started their life here and the way they have seen Australia change. From a workers country, being a part of the first company to make the carpet to working for Ford on their production line both in Melbourne.

Nowadays, both in their 80’s they talk about how different life was then, the people and their connection to one another and now how everybody seems so disconnected.

Yes sure…back then it was a tighter community with a lot of ethnic workers but there was a real bond amongst them, a level of acceptance of one another and a sense for all wanting to push forward and make something of their life.

After all…they came to the lucky country.

Nothing much has changed in that respect…I still feel Australia is a lucky country but I think a lot of people have decided in their own mind that we do not have a really lucky country anymore. That to get anywhere we have to jump through hoops and well, if I have to jump through more than a few then it obviously just isn’t worth it because it is too hard.

Back in the day…sure there weren’t as many hoops to jump through but there was more of an understanding that it was the done thing for people to keep hold of their dreams and pursue them…you just didn’t do it any other way.

Things have changed dramatically…and I want to highlight this to you and ask you how you feel about your life?

Do you often consider what your dreams are? If you have any ambition or goals you would like to accomplish? Do you take the necessary steps in order to achieve them?


I wonder if we as a society have noticed that we tend to diminish our own dreams and goals because of the people we engage with because if we achieve the things we want to achieve…how will the people around us perceive us?

If your answer to this is negative…do you realize that you are putting your dreams on hold because of other people?
Do you realize that you are determining the value of these dreams on others that do not have the courage to seek them out?
Do you realize that you have determined the value of your dreams not only according to societies view but the hoops you may have to jump to get there?

Can I say…your dream is your dream and if it would make you the happiest person on earth…why why why would you say NO to it?

I think it is time for a bit of a wake-up call.

If I told you that you would definitely accomplish the dream, the goal would you go after it?

If you answered YES…then your wake-up call is this.

YOU are the only person in this world that can make the decision to create, recreate your life in a way that will make you undeniably ecstatic with your life and feel ALIVE.

Only you.
Nobody else.
You have to make the decision that the very thing that you desire in life is worth far more than ANY OTHER PERSON’S OPINION of it.

Then…go and seek it out and make it happen for you.

If my parents can.
If I can.
If many people over the world who are embracing and living their most ecstatic life then you can too.

You have got to sit down and write out what you want.
Make a sort-of-a-plan that is adjustable as you move through it to show the universe you are serious and then go seek it out.

The universe will respond to you because what will happen is you will ignite the R.A.S. (Reticular Activating System) in your brain that sets out to attract the people, experiences, and opportunities to you to complete the task you set out for it.

You have NOTHING TO LOSE and EVERYTHING to gain by setting forth on your path to make your dreams a reality.

Lysa Michel xo

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