live your life soul alignment & mindset Dec 19, 2018


Fuck me… why the hell do we go around in circles and circles and constantly question and wonder about every damn thing instead of doing the damn thing.
If you get a feeling that something might not be right for you it probably isn’t.
If you get a feeling, you might love something inside and out, then chances are you are most probably right too.
Why the fuck do we put ourselves through this endless fight and flight instead of just diving in.
Do we honestly truly believe all the wonderful crazy ass shit we want in this world will happen for us if we sit here and contemplate it or question it or doubt it?
At some point… you have to stand the fuck up.
At some point… you have to say to yourself that life is worth more to you than the stress, anxiety and worry you are experiencing and take life by the horns and claim everything you truly want and desire.
Maybe… you don’t want that.
Maybe… you are unsure by something you truly don’t understand.
Maybe… it is time for you to tune in to how you feel about you, your life and ask yourself what truly matters.
When you stop comparing yourself to others and put the focus back on yourself… what do you see?
I know looking back over the past 16 years I saw a resilient woman who had a heart of gold who wanted to share her passion, insight, wisdom, and support with others even if no-one else believed in me.
I saw, a dream, that I could play a role in changing the lives of others that would see them finally being able to see a part of themselves that they couldn’t see.
I felt I had superpowers that make the world a better place by clicking my fingers.
You can’t change people… only yourself.
So I started on this amazing journey of self-discovery to understand who I was, what I wanted and I know I am still searching and finding out more and more about myself and will do until the day I die.
What I have learned has been powerful.
What I now understand and see in myself and others is such an amazing, unique ability to be super amazing and accomplish so many dreams if only they released themselves from the pressures of-
Every layer you remove is another part of yourself you free yourself from.
The limitation can only live within you if you let it.
The more you waste time questioning and doubting things in your life the more you won’t have the things you truly desire.
Your time is now!
Lysa xo

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