success mindset Dec 31, 2017


These past week’s…have been busy, yet also…week’s of reflection.

The struggle for me has been real…to get my mindset around this whole entrepreneur lifestyle that I am living…but in fact…what my friends and family have been saying to me most is that I should hang in there, do the work that will bring you in the cash flow that you need to be able to keep working instead of finding another j.o.b. to pay my bills.

Here is the thing… I don’t EVER want to get another j.o.b. in my life…..NEVER EVER AGAIN.

Yes, at times the struggle has been SO VERY REAL financially, emotionally, physically and mentally…spiritually.

One week I may be feeling all emotional and raw about the work I do and the next it may be me pushing myself out of my comfort zone mentally followed by another week of being scared shitless that our bills aren’t being paid followed by the reality that I am 44 and even though in my mind I feel like a 22-year-old in my body there are things happening that I can’t explain which is also why I am being told by others that it may be best to get a j.o.b. because it is a ‘safer’ option for me and my family…then spiritually…my soul is yearning for deeper, more…satisfaction.

Then there is the whole ‘marketing’ thing, which I have never truly been very good at, to be honest. My husband always says to me that I don’t do enough ‘selling’ of myself and I am like what does that even mean….argh!

In a perfect world, according to all the know-it-all’s, if you are good at what you do you never have to advertise.

In a perfect world, if you show the world what you can do, someone will want it, or buy from you or pick you to help them with the very thing they desire.

But that is all as long as I do things the ‘right’ way…do things how they ‘should’ be done.

Stay in my lane, be respectful and compassionate, don’t get loud or boisterous just in case someone doesn’t like my loud voice, and god forbid….

I confuse people with what I actually do for a living…to get paid…let alone my soul work.

Because honestly, people can’t SEE ME for who and what I am.

Most people, maybe even including you who are reading this, will NEVER understand me, who I am or what I stand for because you just read the words and don’t connect with my soul.

Some people, maybe even including you who are reading this, will NEVER understand me…the real me…because your only purpose for befriending me is for your own benefit, because you think I can help you somehow but you don’t want the world to know you are not at the level you ‘say’ you are…then you will NEVER EVER book your own session or join my program, instead hoping that you can become ‘friends’ to gain all my knowledge to then dump me the second I challenge your integrity by being my authentic self and following my own guidance.

Some people, maybe even including you who are reading this, will NEVER EVER work with me or connect with me on an independent basis because you know, even if you can’t admit it…that I see you…and that means you cannot hide.

Even after all that is said and done, I am so truly appreciative of all the people I have in my life, have had in my world, because your experience has helped me truly see who I am and what I can share with the world…and ultimately…how I can help.

You have helped me see who I am and the voice I have to share and give to others.

I refuse to be pigeon-holed, even though it is more understandable or comfortable for people to see me a particular way…

Apparently, it is not acceptable to be a Medium and Coach.
It is too much for people to grasp the concept that what I do is not only reconnect you with your loved ones passed over but I also support your journey moving past this point by showing you how to remove the blockages and create a new pathway…a new life and heal by being present in the now.

I am able to intuitively tap into many areas of your life and world and provide you with solutions…options…opportunities that you may not have been able to fathom before.

I don’t just do one thing and even I have had the issue of trying to understand HOW I show the public, you, who I am, what I stand for and how I can help you.

Someone once asked me how I see myself…who am I…what do I do…my response has always been a mix between a medium, life, and business coach…how does that all work because I am not focused in on one niche and find it really limiting too.

For me, it comes back to what I do….
I intuitively go in and find the blockages and release them, support you and then provide you with training to ensure you transform.

So I can do this in my work as a medium or life and business coach.

Did you know that 50% of people who come to me for a reading are actually small business owners that are looking for guidance for their career or business?

But then…I keep hearing that I shouldn’t be focusing on delivering business programs because I am a medium…and that the two just don’t go together…too hard to comprehend.

So it is easier I just do my work as a medium or as a coach because it is easier for people to understand what I do.

NO…uhoh…no can do I am afraid…
I have tried that…tried to go back to the part of me that just does one thing so as not to confuse the people who genuinely follow me for one or the other and honestly…
it is soul destroying for me.

I have to follow what I want to do, what is in alignment for me…what feels right and good and show people that mediums can be ‘normal’ people and not all mediums are woo-woo and shit.

That you won’t just find mediums and psychics at the local fair or expo and that we are everyday people, who can meet and greet and talk with anyone and they don’t have to be wearing gypsy clothing or pretend to be all mystical and shit anymore, that I can hold a goddam conversation and don’t require an interpreter because your judgement of me as a medium says I am not good enough to hold a conversation because I must be psycho pretending I see dead people.

This bullshit has to stop.

A medium is not just someone who connects with loved ones passed over either…recently spirit showed me that there are many many mediums on the planet that are doing the work of spirit, who are not afraid to stand up and do their work and honestly…quite a few of them…don’t even realise they are doing spirits work…it doesn’t just mean talking to the dead.

The only way it can stop is if I stand up and just be me fully, authentically…in alignment and with the courage and conviction to have the voice that was stripped of me so many years ago and to show people that I am not just a medium…I am also intelligent, filled with life skills and experience.

I understand how to train people because I do actually hold certificates in training and management and have had a tonne of experience in multiple business roles supporting companies small and big and at one time I was headhunted for a position with an international company for my skills as an office clerk winning a major defence contract above Sales Reps with many many years experience.

See, people don’t know me, what I am capable of or understand who I am…or see my strength…and I get it completely.

I understand why.

It is because I have been downplaying who I am to suit people.

Because I have been so very afraid to show my strength, my voice just incase you don’t like me or want to tell me to sit down and be quiet, or….that I disappointed you.

I don’t like conflict.
I want people to like me.
To see me for my heart and soul and apparently, that means I have to be soft and nurturing when my core is saying….
you are a strong, loyal, lovable, compassionate, in people’s face kind of gal that just needs to be you and stop fucking hiding because it is OK.


You have all the tools you need to know how to step forward, one foot in front of the other with the strength and capacity you came here with and do the job you came for.

Which actually has NOTHING to do with any of this but everything to do with showing people it is ok to have a VOICE….to be heard…to be acknowledged…the be ok in the skin they are in…knowing they are safe and sharing the tools with them on being safe in their own skin.

So as I sit here right now sharing with you my pain, my struggles, my intimate self (that also is not what I should be sharing) I want you to know…

and I am here to help you to transform your life, your world and rebuild you bigger and better than before and I know…that if you read this far and actually connected with the true message…that you resonate with me…that you will see this post has everything to do with just how amazing I feel and there I am actually feeling really good about sharing this with you…being open and transparent and feel 100% happy in this moment.

Because you now understand what I am here for, what I am here to do on this planet and when you scroll past me and connect with my photo…you will know who I am, see me for me and what message I came on this planet to share.

That regardless, of who or how people respond to me…my only purpose is to be me and share my voice and I will care and love people but I will NOT allow others to put me down, use me, try to convince me otherwise or allow people to guide me away from my authenticity.

My boundaries are clear and firm and please don’t be offended if you come to me expecting me to bend for you and I don’t.

Personal Responsibility is #1.

If you would, however, like to step up, take charge of your life and create a life that inspires and empowers you from the inside out and need help with that…you know how and where to find me.

The people I work with….they are ready to make shifts and changes in their life and they aren’t afraid of having raw and real conversations around making it happen.

If this is you…welcome to my tribe and I am sure I will be seeing you a tonne more moving forward 🙂

Lysa xo

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