success mindset Oct 23, 2020

Surrender, Ahhh the art of surrender.

Purposeful yet at times torturous.

What an absolutely amazing ride.

Psssttt... I am trying to be nice here.

If you really want to shift your shit, let me tell you FIRST HAND it is not a smooth ride.

I do not sit here every day loving life up, smelling the roses, being calm and peaceful like a fairy godmother of the planet.

Often it feels tumultuous, especially as an entrepreneur to go through this journey.

 Also as a medium.

You feel lonely, become introverted and highly sensitive.

It takes daily practise consistently along with the discipline to see out the day in an aligned way. 


So much better off not being aware or conscious of anything because it is easier.

When we walk around oblivious to others, how we affect them or anything affects anyone we don't have to have a conscience.

Turn the other cheek bub because it is going to make it easier on you when you do. 

It never ceases to amaze me how this journey makes us both so fucking grateful in one moment and feel utterly suck and delusional the next.

I run so many courses, mentorship and membership, and the hard cold fact is...a small, very small percentage of people actually want change.

They say they do and the moment they are faced with a change they make some damn excuse and run the other way.

They want their handheld and to be told 'there, there sweetheart it will all be okay'.

Yes, it will all be ok because one of two things will happen...

You will either, one...shut your eyes again, pretend it doesn't exist like putting the cd back in its cd cover (remember those) refusing to play it in case you don't like the music or you step the fuck up and make a change that is hard initially for the outcome you desire long term.

MOST, and I mean like 90% (maybe I am being generous here...🤔...stats I pulled out of ass obviously because I haven't been working as a coach and mentor ever) will shut their eyes.

So here is the thing.

Change sucks.

Change can be hard.

Change can be really fucking awesome.

You get to choose which outcome you want.

You get to decide the path you take.

If you work with me in any capacity one on one I will not say 'there, there sweetheart', I will tell it to you straight.

I will push you out of your comfort zone to do the damn work.
I will force you to go the extra mile. 

Pancakes are for pussies.
Cupcakes are for wannabes.

Triple decker banana fudge sundaes are for dreamers.

Winners...just stand and BE.

They need nothing but energy and soul, oxygen and water, lemon-salt-and-tequila-margaritas.

You know that's just an analogy right?!? 

I just get so damn excited when I start to think about pushing you out of your comfort zone to go the extra mile.


They know they were born for big things and they know they need to shift their perspective to make the moves they need to make in order to make shit happen.

They like someone there as a sounding board to air their shit in a confidential space. 

They don't really need me to answer it all but they do need me to pick up on when they are limiting themselves so they can keep breaking through their barriers.

They don't like to waste time and they certainly don't like others to waste theirs either.

They get in, get out, and get the job done.

Time is precious.

They have a schedule, they are disciplined as fuck.

They are high-performance females that have achieved in the past and want to achieve again.

They know life is filled with change and they will always need a confidant by their side that is not only rooting for them but pushing them to make shit happen.

Whether it's in life or business it doesn't matter. The two go hand in hand.

If you are this person.

If you know that you need to step up, unfuck yourself, makeshift happen, and are ready to say FUCK YES then you are one of the Elite.

Lysa xo

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