spiritual connection the spirit world Oct 11, 2020

As I sat and watched my favourite TV show, Sex and the City, I turn to look at my boyfriend sitting at my computer during the add break to see a man standing behind him.

I looked back at the TV in wonder about what I had seen.

With the front door locked, kids in bed, and no-one coming through the house, how is there a man standing there?

I looked back to see yes, he was still there.

So I ask him..."Honey, do you realize a man is standing behind you?" He asked me "What does he look like then?"

I explain visually the man I can see and what I was sensing around his health. I also shared that I felt like he was a father figure.

Then my boyfriend says, "That sounds like my step-father who passed over!" I turned to look back at the TV and said to myself - Right...I can see dead people now???

That was 19 years ago. Since having that experience, I decided I needed to learn about spirit and what had occurred. I went on to learn about energy. I learned Reiki and Reconnective Healing.

During that time, each time I connected with a person, I would receive information about the person or about their family member passed over.

Fast forward to today, I can see how much has changed.

I now understand the difference between an intuitive, a psychic, and a medium.

An intuitive can tune into their instincts, past memories and experiences and they go into this data pool in their mind and process to come out with a sense of understanding about what's going on and what should happen next. They also pick up on feelings, circumstances and expand their perceptive thoughts more so to help people on their path, many on a compassionate or empathetic level.

A psychic picks up on information about the person, past and present through their sensing abilities (the 'clairs') and also perceptive thought.

They can also develop their senses to connect with universal consciousness (as it is known) and the spirit world to be able to perceive what lays ahead for someone.

A psychic can also pick up on someone who has passed over in your auric field as it is information that you will understand, but not all psychics are mediums.

Psychics connect with 'information' where the medium can connect with the living essence of a spirit that has passed to communicate with them.

A medium connects directly with the spirit of a loved one passed over and can provide evidential information that you both know and may not know about the person.

They will also be able to share what has happened since their passing and have ongoing communication with them and you during a session.

A spirit is an external energy that melds with the mediums spirit to provide the information.

The way to know you have a real 'medium' is they will be able to share information with you that is not known to you to be later validated, this is why I am ok to hear the NO.

A medium is always intuitive as we all have intuition, a medium can also tune in to a level of psychic ability, but that too has to be worked on and developed.

Tuning into spirit is about opening up your awareness, being really present in the moment, and silencing your mind and thoughts as much as possible to be able to hear the subtle sounds of the spirit of a loved one passed over.

This experience is incredibly healing, and one that does not happen often.

You may have also experienced this, like a time when you knew something happened to your 'Nanna' who then appeared to you to let you know she had passed over and then you get the phone call.

Often visitations from spirit come sporadically when least expected.

You may get the feeling of a pull toward driving in a different direction, smell their fragrance or aftershave, sense someone or something trying to grab your attention of having feathers appear in the same place a few days in a row.

These are 'odd' happenings.

Unexplainable circumstances.

Circumstances that were not imagined or guessed, otherwise we are using our mind, our psychic ability.

The spirit world is magical, sense their presence, feel it with the finest of subtle energetic shifts.

When the spirit world needs you to know they are there, they will find a way to make themselves known, I can assure you of that.


Lysa xo

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