life with passion Dec 13, 2021

I caught up with a beautiful friend yesterday and through our discussion (which I seem to always dive into the D&M) I found myself riffing again on everything I know to be true.  

What if...we chose to focus on OUTCOMES rather than all the little shitty voices in our head.  

Why do the thoughts and opinions of other people hold so much weight in our minds instead of our own happiness and feeling as though we have to live out our day based on someone else's timeline or rules?  

What if...we chose to see our world as limitless instead of boxy, enabling us to have the freedom to shift whenever and however we choose.  

So many frickin what if's, but seriously...why do we, or why must we go about each and every day feeling inferior, self-constricted, in doubtfulness and filled with uninspiring inner fears that desire to control us simply because and I mean simply because we decided it was better to adhere to the standards and rules and opinions of others and keep everyone else happy instead of ourselves.  




Why do the thoughts and opinions of other people hold so much weight in our minds instead of our own happiness?  

That is some serious fuckery rich there and fuckery I don't wish to subscribe to.   The people that complain about your happiness are simply unhappy themselves and don't have the courage or the bravery to actually pull their own finger out and do the damn work.  

No one else has the right.  

They aren't you, they don't know about what you do and how you do it probably don't spend anywhere near as many hours or have had anywhere near as much experience as you do on the subject aka notafuckingexpert so why the heck do they get to take up your mental capacity and stop you from living your best life and experiencing bliss.  


Time to put that shit to bed. Time to claim your dream life. Time to put down the gun with bullets of fear pointed at your own head.  

When you finally realise that the people who truly love you, admire and respect you and also receive the most benefits from you who support you through and through are the same ones that are cheering you on from the sidelines, from the backseat and actually are standing right next to you holding your damn hand saying lets'do'the'damn'thing'together they are the ones who should hold that mental, emotional and spiritual space within you.  

No one else has the right.  


Make one decision.  

Decide to live life your way and make yourself happy first.  

When you are happy then everyone who means anything will also be happy.  

We will live in happiness TOGETHER.  

You joining me for this wild ride in 2022.  

You're going to want to.  

Lysa xo  

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