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Often when we start on a journey toward a goal, a vision or something that is inspirational that lives in our soul we embark with a sense of adventure, ready for any challenge and little do we know that every adventure comes with the usual difficulties experienced in just about every area of our lives and rarely can we foresee it.

It’s like you are driving down this superhighway and suddenly you face the traffic signs, noise, drivers who change course right in front of you causing you to put the brakes on, you take a different track which saves you 10 minutes…winning…then you realise your GPS is not working so change course and swing back around to the path you were on to continue heading toward your destination.

It’s not unlike our lives.

We set out on a course, a path toward a great adventure and there will also be challenges and pitfalls, wins and excitement and no matter the destination the journey is what will take you there.

Just like we may travel different routes to reach our final destination in the traffic…our life is so much the same.

We like our cohorts to travel a particular path and may choose a different route to get there.

Our purpose for deciding upon a different journey is always about the journey and NEVER about the destination.

Just like you and I, don‘t compare us.

From birth, they designed your human body with a certain set of DNA, cells, and structures that provide a physical form for you to embrace and expand upon.

Why do we then often fight it?

Why do we feel as though it limits our capabilities?

It is not the capabilities that are limiting it is our perception of said capabilities; it is the use, how they can shift, except that they exist, to begin with, that is the true test.

Why do we continuously try to pretend or alter our DNA instead of embracing it?

Therefore, we feel so disconnected, feel uninspired and can I even say… feel as though life isn’t worth living and that no-one loves us, no-one cares and no-one sees us for exactly who we are.

It has nothing to do with anybody else and always has everything to do with our own self-perception.

Regardless of our circumstances we at some stage chose the path through our perception, our knowledge, our understanding and continued walking with a desire to be accepted by others.

The thing is many of us walk the path blindly!



We see life and its systems and structures and determines that it predestines our life and in fact; it does not.

When you wake up every day, do you do all the normal things?

When we are born we learn how and who to become.

We learn how to act, react, what is important and what isn’t, what is expected and respected, what is socially acceptable and what is not…from a young age we are born into a family, a pathway that seems predestined for us.

Well, it is, but not in the way most people think.

We are born into a set of circumstances that are entirely alterable and perfectly aligned with our highest visions of life, what inspires up, what supports life and what we desire but only a limited few will ever understand this, acknowledge this, accept this and work with it.

It is the easiest thing to confirm, to live life according to a predestined set of rules, society and flourish within it.

Some want nothing to do with it and find out at an early age that this life I was born into doesn’t feel like me…not even for a second.

Then we spend the next 10 years fighting to free ourselves from obligation, the thresholds hoping to expand our lives in such a way that provides an opportunity for us to embrace all that we are.

As children, we learn to dream, to pretend we could be anything we want to be only for our dreams to shatter the moment you put the dream into action.

Some of us are lucky and have all the support in the world to reach towards our dreams and learn to fly from a young age and others, well, most of us, learn never to dream because dreams shatter, not real, never ever are you going to bring it into reality as you don’t have the support or encouragement to bring those dreams to life.

What I know more than anything is…some of us continue dreaming regardless and refuse to let go of our dreams.

If this is you…I know you.

I see you for every element of courage and determination that lives within your heart and soul and honestly; you have this core soul DNA that us seekers all hold.

This vision to live life past our perceived limits, to go above and beyond life and it’s perceived societal measures to create a life filled with spirit and soul, inspiration, creation without obligation, unfiltered thoughts and wild imaginations.

A life beyond measure, a life that fulfils the soul in such a way you feel nothing else ever could meet the match.

A life where the normal, societal expectations do nothing but bore you.

Where normal conversations about the weather and god I honestly don’t know what normal people talk about anymore…I have forgotten…perhaps it’s about how nice it was to see someone you haven’t seen in a while or who is doing what or what to cook or how to… OMG, I don’t even know!

What I talk about, and the people I connect with are those who have a dream, a vision they want to bring to life.

The people I talk to or like to converse with are those who have a limitation, a block and we talk about how we can overcome these blocks and move to the next path on our journey until we have another block.

It might be about our life, relationships, work or money, but in every single conversation, there is a sense of limitless love that flows, unconditional conversation where we expose all the cracks, all the desires and all the things that hold great value and meaning and how we can release the hold it has on us.

It’s extremism…and it is all supported by the spirit world.

What most people don’t understand or don’t know is that many loved ones passed overcome through me and do their work with the people I connect with to help them on their path and they don’t even have any knowledge it is happening.

Many people comment I have an aura, a sense, a feeling they need to connect with.

Is it my spirit?
Is it me?
Is it my sense of unlimited possibilities?

Spirit always appear to share their message and 99% of the time they share how people can shift if they choose and that connection exists within us all.

Connection to our soul, to others, everything is internal and not external.

When we think a connection exists outside of us, in something else instead of recognizing it is our senses that create every experience … the outside world is just a tool used to build confidence within us until we trust and play with the confidence that is internal.

It may feel awkward, uncomfortable and even counterintuitive to connect within and ask questions when from birth many of us are born with this sense of the outside world holding all of our understandings of the universe.

I can guarantee the greatest understanding of anything is a deep divine connection with your soul, with what lives within and your ability to understand life at its core by exploring your own self of sense.

Yes, we have our loved ones in spirit and our life guides that assist us but what is happening is they are helping us awaken a part of us we knew existed but couldn’t connect with.

It is not anything new and in fact, when we feel the depth of our soul it is overwhelming, emotional, uplifting…with a great sense of freedom.

Creating the pathway to connect within and connect with the spirit world are my two greatest loves in life.

The spirit world allows me the opportunity to explore a world that exists to even further my ability to awaken my soul in the most amazing ways.

UNLIMITED FREEDOM is my goal, my dream, my vision, to live in a world where I am not limited by looks, money, perceptions, opinions or beliefs…it is a world I created from the visions that bubble up from my soul.

That is the life I am creating,
the journey I am living and exploring,
it’s not always pretty, but it sure is worth every second and even though my GPS has a final destination…the beauty of life is…the destination is always changing because there never is one!

Lysa Michel xo

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