purpose May 05, 2020


*warning...this might be a bit much and you might need to sit down and make a coffee or cup of tea*

I can't tell you how many times I have had this story going around and around in my head.

Who the f* do you think you are...thinking you can make bold claims on the internet?

Who the f* do you think you are...thinking you can teach people mediumship?

Who the f* do you think you are...thinking you can help people with anything?

I can't tell you how many times I have stopped myself from sharing my knowledge, sharing my truth, sharing what lights me up and inspires the f* out of me every single day because I was afraid.

I was afraid that other mediums would come at me hard, tell me I shouldn't do it this way or that way and that I didn't have enough experience to be able to teach.

I was afraid that someone would come at me hard, and call me a fake and a phony for trying to teach people how to have a better life and how to live a life on purpose and with passion.

I was afraid that someone would come at me hard, and try to call me out on being inauthentic, bombastic, forward, try hard for wanting to grow a business using all the things that have created who I am today.

I have been so afraid.

Let me tell you why.

Because everywhere you look someone has a judgement, an opinion, of what is expected or sociably acceptable and what I have to share, everything I have to share is gained from my first-hand experience and some of it 100% differs from what is normally taught.

I have seen other mediums or psychics blasted by there fellow peers (um..this also happened to me) for the work they do and one medium directly told me I had to sit and connect with spirit for 20 years before I could even consider doing platform mediumship (in the traditional sense).

I have had other coaches blast me for my opinion on how I do things and how I help people not truly understanding actually the type of work I really do.

I am sick to death of people blasting their opinion of others over the internet without truly actually getting to know the person or trying to understand who they are and what they are about.

Many MANY comments are due to FEAR, due to those said people misunderstanding even themselves and their journey and placing those fears on others.

So, it was WAY EASIER for me to hold myself back, not share the teachings of all the things I wanted to because god forbid I get YET ANOTHER ONE come at me hard (either in my face or behind my back) saying I shouldn't be doing what I am doing.


Yes, fear only does one thing.

Stops you from actually being able to help the people who need help.

All the courses, all the offerings, all the ways I help people may not be 'traditional' but they work for me, my way, and work for many people that work with me.

Here is something that is CRUCIAL to understand though.

I do NOT give people results, I help shift peoples perspectives and they create their own results.

I do NOT promise anything, I help people open up to new possibilities and they find those answer and they create their own results.

I do NOT promise that I am the all in one guru that can shed your life on anything in particular, but I can promise that I will give 100% to anything I am sharing that I believe is in my truth that is directed by spirit to present to you at the moment and support you with the next step in your journey...and I reserve the right at any point in time to STOP doing or saying anything that I feel won't serve you or be productive for you!

I value each and every person who comes on my path who asks for help and values our time together.

Anything other than that isn't worth my time energy or effort...SO I AM STAYING OVER HERE IN MY LANE, Karen!

NEVER ever, is it ok for anyone to dim your light?
NEVER ever, is it ok for anyone to tell you what to do?
NEVER ever, is it ok for anyone to say you're not worthy?
NEVER ever, is it ok for anyone to stop you from doing YOU?

Full f*ing stop.

So the next time someone says - Who do you think you are...and your intention is to serve, share and support others in their journey.

Take a really big step back away from those DO GOODERS and remember one SUPER IMPORTANT thing.

Keep going, keep doing you and keep moving forward.

Don't let any f*er rain on your parade.

Like these wise words once said to me...

"If anyone tells you you're too big for your boots, get bigger boots"...(Got em ;-) )

Oh and [they can kiss my...]

Lysa xo
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