life with passion Mar 31, 2022

You are completely normal.

You aren't weird actually, you have just found yourself in this place of CONFUSION because somewhere along the line you believe something negative and your mind ran with it.

Now, this isn't to say that we don't use discernment in our day to day lives and seriously consider options before we decide, but many times it is our mind playing wild analogies in our head over and over and over again about who we were 'meant' to become instead of staying present and truly listening to 'who we actually are'.

Spirituality is such a broad concept in fact, and many people think that to be 'all spiritual and shit' you have to hold your tongue between your teeth, use prayer hands, walk around in flowy cotton flower power dresses and use crystals and sage and that is how they keep themselves safe.

Many people also believe that intuition runs quite deep, and while it does (in reality) many of us actually don't need to sit down and learn this whole new language and try and adapt it to ourselves like some new crazy learning that is supposed to transform your life, all the while you find yourself lost in the learning and wondering what you even started so then you actually never finish it.

Instead, of learning how to listen to yourself, your soul, your intuitive truth and change your life by building rapport with your soul self. isn't actually so difficult if I am being honest, it just takes time, patience and commitment to find out.

Using some clear clean precise lessons that you CAN integrate into your life and when you do and keep integrating it and practising it OVER AND OVER you WILL start to see things shift.

The excuse that it isn't working for me is because we weren't patient, we didn't apply and we didn't tell our brand to shut up long enough to actually listen to what was rising from inside of ourselves.

It doesn't have to be difficult, nothing in life has to be, it's the pressure you put on yourself and life that makes everything a challenge.

Really, my best work to be honest is helping you to unlearn, unattach and unlearn years and layers of beliefs that were never actually yours, to begin with.


Sorry (not sorry) for the capital yelling voice but with all seriousness...stop making life so difficult for yourself, it really doesn't have to be.

Why do we feel like we need to go through the fire in order to be 'healed'?
Why do we feel like we need to start at the bottom and rise to the top?
Why do we feel like we are constantly in a trap of uncertainty when the truth is actually always staring us in the face?

We Just. Aren't. Listening.

Simplicity, trust and acceptance are three key strategies that when put into action can transform your whole world.

The only part of this recipe that it doesn't have yet, that it absolutely needs to ignite the whole process is you.

You trusting in the process
You investing in yourself
You to believe in your dreams
You deciding at this moment
You going all in and taking action

Being a bystander won't change a thing, you have to do the work and if I know anything about anything I can tell you that if you took one moment and imagined your loved ones in spirit and what they would be saying to you right now...they would be smiling, supporting and encouraging you to live your best life and make your dreams possible.

Take the hint, decide on something new and see where it might just transform your life.

Making Dreams Possible,

Lysa xo

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