success mindset Apr 27, 2017


The one thing I know is that for years I have been dreaming about the life I want to live.

I certainly wasn’t in that place when I was dreaming, of course, I felt nervous, anxious and questioned everything and I felt like what I wanted was so out of reach and wondered if there could EVER be a chance that I could get there.

I didn’t dive in and make a tonne of rash decisions I just starting thinking about what wasn’t working and made the decision to let them go.

This meant leaving some people around me that were not a positive influence, the put me down or tried to tell me I wasn’t capable of achieving what I wanted to.

So I walked away from them.

It was hard…very hard.

I felt like I went from having 50 friends to NONE!

I still had a few great friends that always stood by me but the rest all disappeared and it really made me question what I had done especially as during that time people who I thought were my best friends turned against me.

They could see that I was making decisions that were the best for me, it seemed my strength was too much for them to handle.

The more I released what I didn’t feel good about, what didn’t make me feel happy the more I started to see what did make me feel happy.

The more I could see the more I wanted. I started making decisions towards the things I felt would make me feel happy and good. Not all the decisions I made were right for me but most of them were and the one’s that weren’t I learned a lot about and knew not to do it again.

Right now I am in the place where I dreamed of being all those years ago and now my dream is even bigger.

I realise I had made the decision to get here when my mentor said to me “You just have to make the decision” He’ll yes because that is what I have been doing the whole time.

Now I see the power in my ability to decide my life, create my dreams, there is nothing I can’t accomplish.

I know you have the same power inside of you. That you can change your life whenever you feel. It takes a bit of self-awareness, letting go and looking to the future and I know you can make anything happen.

TRUST in yourself like I do and the sky is the limit!

You just have to decide to LEAD YOUR LIFE!

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