When you spend your time to live by someone else’s way you find yourself feeling disheartened, zapped, empty, alone, frustrated, and manipulated. You begin to feel as though you are the victim and wonder why nothing ever goes right for you.

Did you know, that most of the society, in fact, live according to other people’s beliefs?

That the ‘other’ people you feel you need to please are because they are not pleased with themselves, most of the time.

‘Other people’ are mostly living according to a set of beliefs handed down to them by their family, friends, colleagues or other.

When you realise that what you actually believe is causing you all the pain and anguish because it is not coming from your own thoughts…this is liberating.

Oh so freeing.

Spirit share constantly during readings…if I only understood that when I was alive.

Your loved ones passed also come through saying …

“Don’t put off till tomorrow what you can accomplish today. Don’t let go of your dreams because you can’t do it. I want you to live the most amazing life possible. I am sorry I did not teach you that you can have all the happiness in the world if you honour and respect yourself enough to take it”.


Don’t just think about it.

Don’t refuse to do it because someone else told you it was stupid or just did not agree with you.

Your opinion matters, your ideas matter, your beliefs matter, your life on earth is here because you matter more than words could ever describe.

Your spirit wants you to explore, learn and grow and be courageous.

Your soul wants you to leave this life having embraced all of what is on offer.

Your soul wants you to realise that your mind only has the control on you that you let it.

Your soul also wants you to realise that other people only have control over you if you let them.

Find out who you are, what you want, what you believe, who you want to be.

Do it.

Be it.

Love you.


Life is short. Make every second count,