I have started fasting in the mornings. Generally not eating until lunchtime or 2oclockish. It has been feeling great. Also going LCHF low carb high fat and that has been making me feel fuller for longer.

I tell ya…when u go off it for a few days you really feel it.

Through being out of the house and socialising I haven’t eaten this way and yesterday I really felt it in my body.

My weight has also been an issue for me, as has my addictive personality. I was once a heavy smoker. I was once addicted to alcohol. I have never called myself an alcoholic, but when Friday night came around if I didn’t have a drink I got edgy and I had to have my bourbon and binge drinking on a Friday and Saturday night was my normal, something I had to do.

I no longer drink like this.
I don’t crave alcohol.

If I am HIGHLY stressed I wonder if a drink will help but I catch myself and say NO, that isn’t me, that’s not part of my identity any longer. Same with the cigarettes. I gave them up 16 years ago when I met my hubby.

Now I am tackling my food addiction.
YES, I am being very very transparent here.
I am an emotional eater and it shows.
I get stressed and I eat. I celebrate and I eat. I work hard and I eat. You name it I eat.

I am now reframing my mind and finding security in my connection to myself. Rebuilding my relationship with myself is a powerful tool I am using right now to overcome this behaviour.
Being prepared. Making better decisions. Making better choices.

It has been a long process and I have the courage to talk to you about this today. I had NO IDEA I would be writing when I first started writing this post.

18 mths ago I made the decision to do one thing….make my health a strong focus in my life and path. I didn’t do anything other than just hold the thought in my mind and put no other expectation or pressure on myself.

Over the 12mths of holding the thought in my mind, I released some toxic people in my life and started exercising at the gym. I loved it because it took me back to my youth where my ex-husband and I used to go to the gym regularly and work out as he was a body builder.

I started to feel better and stronger but then a setback.
My spine didn’t like the pressure from the weights. Even the very small amount I had placed upon it was so painful some nights I couldn’t sleep from the pain and some days I couldn’t move.
Once it settled down I went back to the gym to try again.
I am fine walking but any weight pressure at all on my spine is a no-no even doing seated exercises caused pain so much so that I couldn’t walk.

Now you may not know but I do actually have a Cert 3 in fitness so I do understand a bit about what I am doing.
As some of you may know I worked for a chiropractor for 15 years. This has helped me stay upright…literally. Without the chiro, I wouldn’t be walking.

Moving forward, also in the past 12 mths or so I have been connected with an amazing mentor Kat who used to be a PT. Her ballsy no-nonsense attitude I really resonate with.

I can’t stand people who have to fluff everything up or you can hear they are talking from a book not from what really connects with them through experience.

I have built this strong sense of self, a strong belief around who I am and what I am truly called to do and become.

Now don’t get me wrong, for those of you who have been a part of my journey you will know that I am a confident person. I am outgoing, like to have a lot of fun and absolutely love my work with spirit.

I have been fine tuning my connections and do this regularly and on an ongoing basis with spirits guidance.


I also love sharing and teachings and want the world to truly get my one core message…


I want you all to know…through the good the bad and the really fucking bad, if you build a strong foundation, grounded unwavering belief in all of who you are and accept yourself, love you and NEVER be afraid of being transparent and sharing this with the world…then anything and every thing you can ever imagine is available for you.

When you CHOOSE LIFE you choose to RECEIVE everything and anything you desire.

You can call in your dreams, call in your wishes and know that it is a DONE DEAL!

It may not happen the way you THINK it will but it will happen.

When you truly own who you are become fearless and transparent refusing to give a fuck about the judgement, the hatred, the noise then you realise that this is where the love, the peace resides and you will feel the energy of the flow.

When you tap into that flow you see where you can go. When you make the decision to stay in the flow you create the MOMENTUM, the drive and then things happen organically.

You may jump off the rails and have set backs. The key is to get straight back into it.

Don’t let 1 failure 1 upset take away from what you want to achieve. Don’t let 1 wrong turn put you off course just get right back on the road and keep travelling. Keep journeying baby. Because when you do, momentum takes hold and before you know it you have accomplished that goal. You have won. Defeated that task. Then you get to start on the next one and the next one and the next.

It’s never going to be over.
You have a choice.
Be defeated…or defeat it!

Like me now, I can choose to allow 1 setback to throw me off course of I can dive right back in there and keep going never giving up knowing I am doing ALL THAT I CAN to accomplish my goal.
That I will overcome my binge eating. I am overcoming it.
I am no longer afraid or ashamed of sharing this because this no longer has the hold on me like it has.

I even have seen that yoga is something I have loved and will get back into along with walking and hopefully running.
Marathon running is in the blood apparently and I have wanted to and said for years that I want to do that.

So to hold myself accountable here I am going to start taking up walking regularly with the view to training to run.

I want to leave you with this thought…
What have you always wanted to do that you have not yet decided or given into that you just KNOW is a part of you?
Something you have been denying yourself of for so long?
Is it time to consider bringing that forward and doing it now?

Whatever you decide…CHOOSE LIFE!
Choose to live while you are alive.
It’s way more fun than the comfort zone.

Lysa xo
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