Australia’s Spirit Messenger – International Intuitive Psychic Medium and Mentor who helps people get reconnected all over the world. Whether it is reconnecting with loved ones passed over or connected to your own heart and soul.

I have spent my life fumbling, wandering and challenging the status quo, so much so that I truly now understand how to tap into my heart and soul on a whole different level.

Pushing the envelope…every step of the way.

I had an experience that changed my whole life at the age of 28 where I saw a man standing behind my boyfriend.  It came completely out of the blue.

When I told my boyfriend about the man, what he looked like and what the man was showing me he said: “That sounds like my step-father who passed over.” 

OOOOKKKK. So I have just seen a dead person.

A few months later we were eating dinner and I looked up at him to see another man standing behind him. This time the man spoke to me and said he was his grandfather and told me about money in an account that no-one knew about until after he passed over followed by another experience with his grandmother sharing where she lived before her passing and about her personality….my boyfriend validated BOTH of these experiences.

At this point, I decided I needed to find out more about what was happening with me.

I had the opportunity to experience Reiki. Reiki is a form of energy healing. I decided to become a Reiki Practitioner and completed my Level I and II where I went on to be a part of a Reiki Practice Group that met on a weekly basis and went on for about 2 1/2yrs.

During my time in the group, I had so many amazing experiences both meeting some amazing people and placing myself in a position to hold space for others. This was an extremely empowering time. Not only was I in service of others but we were told we could not share what we felt to help the person, each person had to experience their own journey.

When I look back, what I have come to realise is those few years were CRUCIAL to my psychic and mediumistic development as I had to keep myself out of the picture with the person. It didn’t stop me from receiving information, both from the person’s physical body about medical issues or their emotional and mental health but also I would just know information about them and also many many times I would see their loved ones passed over around the table.

This helped me to build a toolbox of understanding without speaking or receiving validation as I had no choice but to be an open receiving vessel.

One day, my Reiki Master asked me if I wanted to work with the living or the dead and that I had to choose.  He knew what I was experiencing. To appease him due to the respect I had for him I told spirit I wanted them to go away.

They did. No more experiences for about 6 months.

I had been through a difficult marriage and multiple relationship breakdowns prior to the first experience and it wasn’t until spirits presence was no longer around me that I knew I didn’t feel like me.

One day after that I noticed them appearing around me again and I heard a voice say to me…”We aren’t going anywhere, we are here for you”. What a RELIEF as they had been my rock through everything I had been through.

After that, I went on to learn Reconnecting Healing, another modality of healing where I had the most amazing experience with the afterlife.  I was away in Auckland for the seminar and became extremely ill with a terrible fever. One of the nights I woke up and experienced what I have known now to be psychic surgery where I had spirit beings working on me to help to heal me to get through. The told me they were healing me and to go back to sleep which I did. At the time I was extremely afraid I would not recover or be able to get back to Australia. Luckily, with the work they did, I managed to get home and that experience has stayed with me for some time and was yet more proof in the fact that the afterlife is indeed real.

After returning to Australia I continued to practice Reiki and Reconnective Healing all while I kept feeling, sensing spirit all around me. I could feel their energy just like you would feel a normal person standing next to you on a train.

I started going to meditation groups to uncover what was happening with me, with the information I was receiving and what to do with it.

I didn’t understand the term psychic or medium until one of the meditation groups I attended I had another experience with a spirit man and the teacher said to me, “Lysa, do you know what you are doing?”  I responded with a “No.” “You are a medium. You can communicate with people who have passed over.” Right there I could put a name, a label to what was going on and who I was.

From there I started attending psychic and mediumship development workshops to understand and hone my skills more.

I was reading everything I possibly could about it as well to understand.

Then I decided to start my own developmental meditation group.

Initially, I ran a meditation group twice a week and after 2 years it dropped to one group of regulars for another year or so until I wrapped up the group to focus on readings for the public.

It took me 10 years from that first experience to the point where I knew I had consistency with my connections to be able to start charging and doing readings.

About 2 years later I did my first show (platform demonstration) where I did readings in front of an audience and I loved it.

It felt very easy for me. It took me some time to really understand how the connections work in a group scenario but I knew I had to keep doing it because it made me feel so good and its a bit like when you find your favourite music and you just want to keep listening to it because it inspires you.

At this point I had spirit tell me they wanted to keep working with me and developing me one on one and to no longer attend workshops so I followed their guidance.

I also started doing readings for groups of people which has extended my development even further.

The whole time I was developing my psyche and my connections with spirit I was also diving deep into personal development so I could become the best version of who I could be to also help people with their life and path.

I found that when people wanted a reading or the validation they also needed guidance and support and through my personal development journey I am able to help people with this.

So now, I provide readings for people from all over the world.

You can book individual sessions or attend an event or learn about yourself, the metaphysical world or connect with spirit through an online or in person developmental workshop.

I am a big believer that we create our own life and destiny.

I share and teach about connecting with your passion, your purpose and living your life in according to your highest dreams and goals and that the only person standing in your way…is YOU!

When you take full responsibility for your life you have the power to change it.

THIS…is the way forward.

THIS…is how you manifest the life of your dreams.

Honouring you, having appreciation and gratitude for you and your world around you and seeing the many opportunities available to you each and every day in your life.