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Unleash the Kick-Ass Queen that lives inside of you and build your dream lifestyle and business.

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Do you want to create a life you love and adore?
Are you a powerful female leader?
Is it time to bring your visions to life?
Would you like to expand your financial wealth?

Hi, I'm Lysa Michel and as a Divine Channel I am here support, guide and inspire you to UNFUCK yourself.

I went from being a near-bankrupt suicidal single mother feeling hopeless and without a future to now having a happy and successful life and business.

My clients are leaders, visionaries, ready to push the envelope and create a life and business that not only transcends themselves but transforms the lives of others.

Become inspired to live your best life, embrace being the leader you know you are meant to be and begin living your legacy.

Love from your #kickassqueen, CEO  + Passionpreneur, Live Your Life - Lysa Michel

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"Thank you Lysa, I didn't know how quickly my life could change by developing my intuition" 
- Sara, Course Attendee

"From 1k to 6k in a matter of months and now working 100% full time in my business. That's because of you Lysa."
- Rhi, Spiritual Business Coaching

"I have my life back. I am now seeing everything come together. It's thanks to your guidance and support Lysa."
- Christine, Inner Circle Client

 I help people expand their results in life through trainings in these areas:
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Abundance & ManifestationBusiness & EntrepreneurIntuition & Natural GiftsLive Your LifeLove & RelationshipsPassion & PurposeSoul Alignment & Mindset and Spiritual Connection.


Your Life. Your Terms. Start Now!

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