Lysa Michel is a leading Australian Psychic, Medium and Mentor that helps people to build a life they love.

Through her membership programs, she offers the opportunity for you to grown and develop personally, spiritually and professionally with a range of services at different prices to suit any budget.

Whether you are looking to develop your intuition, uncover your psychic abilities, tune-in to the spirit world, find your path and purpose in life or create a life you truly love and desire, Lysa has the ability to break you free from your blocks and limitations and get you right into the driver's seat of your life!

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  • Access to Lysa + ENews Subscriber
  • Live Video Reading Session 1 x month
  • Mini Trainings
  • Insight
  • Inspiration
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  • Private Facebook Group
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  • $22
    per Month / $222 per Year
  • Connect with Lysa direct
  • Live Video Mini-Readings
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  • Personal and Spiritual Development Training
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  • $555
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Event Attendee

"Lysa channelled my father & conveyed information no-one would know. Dad gave messages & love I have waited so long for. Mum's turn, still pointing that finger! This reading was life changing. Lysa's accuracy & detail was uncanny-spot on!"


Event Attendee

"Thank you soooo much. I really appreciated hearing from my Nanna and little brother. I woke up this morning feeling lighter (if that makes sense) I finally feel peaceful."


Personal Session

"Lysa you are so accurate. I want to thank you for everything you shared today. You have concreted my path that I was on! I know that everything I have put in place will get me to the best life and I will accomplish. Thank you sincerely! You rock!"


VIP Client

"I have never worked with someone who pin pointed exactly what was happening with me so quickly. I have found confidence and a new love for the work I do. Lysa really helped me see my world more clearly, and for that I am forever grateful. Thank you Lysa."