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Life Answers Now


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Lysa is releasing a brand new Guidance Video Session.

You will receive a 6 card spread that covers the main six areas of your life right now with channelled insights from my guides to support you and your decisions.

You also have the option to ask me up to 3 questions, just type it into the box below "Ask up to 3 questions in the box immediately below" This must be done now upon booking, NO EXEMPTIONS.

Your life now channelled insights and life guidance video, including and not limited to:

1. Health + Wellbeing
2. Relationships (Personal, Romantic, Friends, Family)
3. Career/Business/Purpose
4. Money + Wealth
5. Personal + Spiritual Growth
6. Lifestyle, Environment & Recreation.

While the guide is specifically created with Lysa's intuitive and psychic abilities along with her seer's vision, the purpose of LIFE ANSWERS NOW is to provide you with clarity, validation, connection, and support and answering your immediate questions.

As Lysa is also a spiritual coach and mentor she will also provide her valuable knowledge and wisdom to help you overcome any challenges she is seeing.

*While spirit may be present, please understand that you can not choose to connect with a specific loved one, if they are present during this time Lysa will share their information and insights

What you'll get:

  • Pre-Recorded Video specifically for you uniquely
  • The video will contain a 6 Card spread detailing each specific area and answering your pressing questions uniquely.
  • Approx 20 mins.
  • The video will be emailed to you via WeTransfer for you to download within 7 days of you receiving it.
  • Approx delivery time: allow up to 28 days/4 weeks from purchase

If you have any questions please email me at [email protected].

[ Once you purchase you will be sent your video within 28 days/4 weeks from purchase]