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Personal Session

Through dedicating 25+ years to live my life completely on my terms, learning through personal, spiritual and professional development, intuition, inspiration, empowerment coaching and mentoring.

Come with an open mind, release expectations and please understand this:

My focus with all my work is to assist in your healing. This means that as I go through my process you may not specifically get what you want!

You WILL get what you need.

My skills work on a spirit/ual energetic & holistic level.  I use my skills to find the blocks and limitations that you need to acknowledge to help you evolve.

If this isn't for you please do not book a session.

We work together to

  • Reconnect you with your loved ones passed over
  • Find clarity through difficult situations
  • Have questions answered using intuitive, psychic or mediumship faculties
  • Want to develop your own abilities further and need a coach/mentor to help you move forward
  • Connect you with your spiritual self
  • Uncover your soul's truth, passion and purpose
  • Learn how to tap into your intuition to create a life you truly adore as the powerful female leader you are
  • Manifest an abundant, inspiring and fulfilling life using key tips and techniques backed by science and research
  • Private Journaling, Visualisations, Affirmations, Intuitive Tools sessions
  • Learn  mindset, self-awareness, self-actualization tools to recreate your life


Session Availability

Wednesday 10 am to 2 pm

Thursday 12 pm to 5 pm

Once you have purchased your session you will be redirected to my calendar to book in your session, and just in case you miss that page it will be emailed to you also.

Please choose your session carefully as they are not able to be rescheduled and not refundable or transferable.

Personal Session 30 Minutes


Personal Session 30 Minutes

  • 30 Minute Phone Call to speak directly with Lysa


Personal Session 60 Minutes


Personal Session 60 Minutes

  • 60 Minute Zoom Video Call to speak directly with Lysa

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"Lysa channelled my father & conveyed information no-one would know. This reading was life changing. Lysa's accuracy & detail was uncanny-spot on!"

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"Lysa you are so accurate. Thank you for everything you shared today. You have concreted my path that I was on!  Thank you sincerely! You rock!"

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"From 1k to 6k in a matter of months and now working 100% full time in my business. That's because of you Lysa."

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"I have never worked with someone who pin pointed exactly what was happening with me so quickly. I have a new love for the work I do & my confidence back."

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