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Lysa Michel is a leading Australian Psychic, Medium and Mentor that offers you the opportunity to find clarity, rebuild your life and reconnect with loved ones passed over.

Lysa both uses her psychic abilities and her spirit guides to bring you the information in the form of insight and guidance about your life and also channels loved ones to bring you validation that you are not alone.

She offers personal and spiritual development, programs and courses, live events and personal sessions.

There are different types of readings, the best thing to do is to go and have a look at what feels right for you at this time.

*Note - when selecting a session to connect with a loved one, it is important to ask this question - Would I be disappointed if the one person I wanted to come through didn't? If the answer is yes, you are not yet ready for a session with a medium. We cannot control who comes through during a session. They are energies just like you and I and there are no guarantees for a connection with any specific person.









Event Attendee

"Lysa channelled my father & conveyed information no-one would know. Dad gave messages & love I have waited so long for. Mum's turn, still pointing that finger! This reading was life changing. Lysa's accuracy & detail was uncanny-spot on!"


Event Attendee

"Thank you soooo much. I really appreciated hearing from my Nanna and little brother. I woke up this morning feeling lighter (if that makes sense) I finally feel peaceful."


Personal Session

"Lysa you are so accurate. I want to thank you for everything you shared today. You have concreted my path that I was on! I know that everything I have put in place will get me to the best life and I will accomplish. Thank you sincerely! You rock!"


VIP Client

"I have never worked with someone who pin pointed exactly what was happening with me so quickly. I have found confidence and a new love for the work I do. Lysa really helped me see my world more clearly, and for that I am forever grateful. Thank you Lysa."

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