I think I need this message today just as much as anyone else.

What tends to happen is that we fall into this trap that being perfect is a form of approval.

If you can show you have perfected an art form, done everything according to plan then the outcome should work.

The truth is it doesn’t always work that way.

Perfectionism is a form of resistance, I know this because there has always been this sense of perfectionism within me that I had to keep control of just in case something went wrong.

There actually no safe zone, no comfort zone, only a holding pattern that we park ourselves into and then refuse to leave.

Perfectionism is the purest form of personal denial and rejection. It is only through exploration, experimentation and experience that we truly understand who we are and what we want out of life.

When we fall into the trap of perfectionism and never colour outside the lines we never get to see what is possible for us.

Regardless of anyone else’s belief, you have to follow who you are, what you want and desire and fuck everyone else.


Let’s not confuse selfish with self-full.
Selfish is without care or thought for other’s in any way shape or form, including hurting others.

Self-full is a way of making yourself truly happy with the intention that the same happiness will affect others in a positive way, even if they can’t see it right at that moment.

If you were focused on being self-full you would be achieving greater happiness, joy, intimacy, excitement and success as a bi-product of your focus.

You flow will continue and you will feel more comfortable to continue moving forward with renewed sense of self without even feeling as though you have had to tackle any problems or issues you have head on.

Confrontation is not always necessary for a shift, transformation or change to occur.

Just the willingness to see that you are all you have and will ever need to feel complete and that every other person on the planet that you resonate with or come in contact with could be a positive influence in your world if you manoeuvre through her with the intention of being self-full instead of perfect

Lysa xo

Picture courtesy of Pix by Paul