Do you think you are ever going to be able to do it?

I was just having a conversation with a friend and we were discussing our life, our path and how shitty it feels when we feel like we are trapped in the middle of some weird freaky horror movie time.

You know, where we feel as though the whole world is against you. When the very people you have been loyal to and respected just kicked you in the guts…and you start telling yourself it is YOUR fault.

It is NOT your fault.

You just did not have the awareness at the time to realize the types of people you have in your life.

When you think about it, you have people that you have met that you just know are nice people and are grounded and will always be there in a positive way in your life…and they have.

Then you click excitedly with other people and feel that shiny object syndrome kick in and are blinded by their charisma(can you hear the angel choir singing AHHHHH). You know the ones that make you think you are super special to them and as soon as things don’t go their way dump you like a tonne of bricks.


There are generally two types of feelings about people and it’s time you started to trust your intuition around it and let people leave your life before they even entered it.

It is one thing to play nice, be compassionate and want the best for every single person you meet but honestly…there has to come a time that you just have to learn to not place yourself in that position, to begin with.

There is always going to be someone who you won’t end up jelling with or have a difference of opinion with but what I want you to realise, is that it is happening all the time and most people I know tend to try to be nice as pie to the point that it truly hurts them and not the other person.

People need to start taking responsibility for their lives and taking ownership of the way they are treating others. However, you can yourself put some boundaries in place right here right now to prevent this from happening as much as humanly possible.

Tune into your intuition, your guidance center and ask about the person and trust the response you are receiving.


I don’t mean to yell it out at you…but developing your awareness is SO VERY IMPORTANT IN EVERY WAY and it can help you with each and every decision you ever want to make.

There is just one catch!

You have to have the strength to trust it and the courage to implement it.

Otherwise…you are going to keep allowing people to walk over you, determine your next experience in life and put you back into the back seat of your life rather than you being the driver.

What are you prepared to accept in your life?
How do you want to feel on an ongoing basis?
Are you truly seeing your worth through the eyes of someone who respects and admires you or the niggling voice in your head trying to keep you down?

I want you to know…that if you are still reading this right now…you are exactly where you need to be right now and that if any event around you is causing you pain in your life you have the opportunity to change it.

You do NOT have to continue to let people take advantage of you…and feel guilty for it.

It does NOT mean you are a terrible person.
It does NOT mean that you won’t have other people in your life that love and respect you.
It means it is time for you to take yourself by the hand and remind yourself who is important and if you don’t see that you are the most important person in the world to make happy…then you just keep going out there and allowing these issues to come up and feeling like crap each and every time they happen.

I see you!
I see and feel those feelings and I have worked damn hard over the past few years to transform my relationships with people so they are mutually respectful and now 99% of my relationships are this way.
I don’t let people take advantage anymore, that is because I respect and value ME!

You deserve this for yourself also.