Helping you to reconnect with your soul & spirit.

Everything is energy, when you learn how to transform energy, you learn how to transform your life.

It’s about the journey, not the destination

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As a medium, life & business coach and mentor, I reconnect you with your loved ones passed over and I teach you how to lead your life using spirituality & energy.

My ability to connect intuitively gives me an advantage with coaching and mentoring.

I can sense your soul's path, strengths and gifts, and tap into your limitless potential.

With coaching and mentoring I can help you to develop your mediumship, easily and quickly find solutions for you in your life and business and show you how to evolve and elevate your life with more joy, abundance, impact and financial freedom for yourself and those who come in contact with you.

"I am blown away by how everything you said was everything I have been thinking and feeling that you could not have known."

Kylie, Live Event

"Lysa channelled my father & conveyed information no one would know. This reading was life-changing. Lysa's accuracy & detail was uncanny-spot on!"

Yvonne, Live Event

"My son came through, I just want to say what a comfort this was for me. The things you said were spot on. Even things you said that didn't make sense at the time did once I had time to reflect. The way you communicated with him and me with such warmth, honesty and kindness is something that continues to bring me such comfort."

Mandy, Live Event

"Lysa you are so accurate. Thank you for everything you shared today. You have concreted the path that I was on!  Thank you sincerely! You rock!"

Aaron, Session

"From 1k to 6k in a matter of months and now working 100% full time in my business. That's because of you Lysa."

Rhi, Spiritual Business Coaching

"I have never worked with someone who pinpointed exactly what was happening with me so quickly. I have a new love for the work I do & my confidence back."

Karen, Inner Circle Mentoring
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