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“My son came through, I want to say what a comfort this was for me.  The things you said were spot on. Even things you said that didn't make sense at the time did once I had time to reflect.  The way you communicated with him and me with such warmth, honesty and kindness is something that continues to bring me such comfort.”


Mandy, Event Attendee

Hi, I'm Lysa

A few months before 9-11 happened a spirit 'appeared' behind my boyfriend, to later have it validated that it was his stepfather passed over.

That experience changed my whole life.
I soon found personal and spiritual development, followed by successfully fulfilling a career in Management to now work as a spiritual entrepreneur.
My days are filled with beautiful people from all walks of life and over the world.
I am known for being a kick-ass spiritual queen who doesn't hold back, can be bold and unapologetic if it means helping you to become your best.

I work with people in many ways:-

Live events where I reconnect people with their loved ones passed
I teach people how to develop their intuitive gifts
Show people how to create their own spiritual business
I mentor women to become the lead their life and business

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“I have my life back. I am now seeing everything come together. It's thanks to your guidance and support Lysa.”


Christine, VIP Client


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