Discover your passion, ignite your empowered feminine and unlock your infinite potential.

I went from being a near-bankrupt suicidal single mother feeling hopeless and without a future now having a happy and successful life and business with the inclusion of a little bit of spirit in my life!

It’s nice to meet you!

Hi, I’m Lysa Michel, Australia's Spirit Messenger, Kick-Ass Queen & PassionPreneur Coach & Mentor

Now is the time...  You can feel it in your soul.

Now is the time...  For you to finally start living your dream life, to end the procrastination and make it happen.

You're ready, but you feel clouded, not knowing which direction to take but you just know in your soul, you can't wait any longer.

I got you!
I see you!
I know how it feels!

To see others around you either living their life to their fullest and you want that with all your might or the alternative, noticing just how bad it can really get and you have can't, you wont ever live like that.

You want to let your soul lead your life.
You want to allow yourself to access your greatest potential.
You aren't afraid of making it happen.

This vision keeps appearing in your mind about your life, you want to know if this is your purpose and how to unlock it and make it happen.

Your intuition is going OFF. It's like you can sense EVERYTHING and you get this inspiration but you can't seem to ignite it or make it stick.

You want the confidence to just leap, launch and land in a place that feels magical, inspirational and impactful.

What you know without a shadow of a doubt is you want to evolve, connect with your potential and build your dream empire.

What I know is this...if you surrender to the greatest vision in your life, focus on creating a legacy and don't settle for anything less you will become

It will take bravery, courage and you going all in 100%.

Are you ready?
Do you want this?
Join me on this wild ride of a soul led life and let's make those big dreams happen!

Join me at an event, for a program or become a member of my all-in-one online personal and spiritual development program 'Passion Academy' and see for yourself that life and business can be simple, easy, and fun.

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“My son came through, I want to say what a comfort this was for me.  The things you said were spot on. Even things you said that didn't make sense at the time did once I had time to reflect.  The way you communicated with him and me with such warmth, honesty and kindness is something that continues to bring me such comfort.”


Mandy, Event Attendee

Attend a live group event online and in-person in your area for a unique experience with Lysa as she let's spirit speak through her to guide and inspire you.

Lysa has a no-nonsense personality that gets right down into it with spirit, she connects with your loved ones passed to bring you evidence, validation, insight and guidance about you and your loved ones passed over all delivered with love, humour and maybe a few tears.

It's never goodbye, it always see you soon!

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“I have my life back. I am now seeing everything come together. It's thanks to your guidance and support Lysa.”


Christine, VIP Client


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