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Lysa Michel is a Spiritual Transformational Teacher who helps passionate spiritual people to live life on their terms, uncover their natural gifts and show them how to make money serving others as spiritual entrepreneurs.

My focus is to help you to evolve!

Live a Life you Love and Adore.

Embrace your Spiritual Divinity.

Create the Empire of your Dreams as the Queen you know you are.

My clients know they were born to lead, born to push the envelope, born to build a life using their natural gifts, born knowing they can make money serving others with those gifts.

If this sounds like you and you have a desire to have a life and business you are wildly excited about...then welcome, you've come to the right place and i am excited to support you with your journey.

Remember: Nothing happens without you doing the work, Lysa xo

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Embrace joy, save time + make more money

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Become the Next Level You!

When you discover your life's desires, release the stories and give your life new meaning and purpose, you will find your happiness and live the life you were born to live.

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Live Intentionally

Living life with focus and intention will keep you on track to accomplish your goals, bring to life your dreams and uncovering whats truly important to you.

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Passionate Business

Become the passionate entrepreneur. Share your message, fulfil your vision and mission, build your empire on your terms with confidence and ease.

Your Life. Your Terms. Start Now!

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Hi, I'm Lysa

Spiritual Life & Business Mentor and Medium, Speaker & Writer.

I help people live life to their greatest potential. I work with clients all over the world.

I mainly help passionate women (and some men) create a life and business they are wildly excited about.

The spirit world plays a massive role in all the work I do.


Because I found my dream life and I want you to find yours!

I don't like rules, I don't like anyone telling me what to do and I certainly encourage all of my clients to live from the soul, create from the soul and build a life they can be super proud of.

I have dedicated 25+ years to live my life completely on my terms, learning through personal, spiritual and professional development, intuition, inspiration and empowerment.

I have learned that your mindset, self-awareness and a belief in self-actualization are some of the key tools you need to recreate your life.

You have to do the work, I can show you how but inevitably it's up to you.

I have gone from a near-bankrupt single mother feeling hopeless without any view to a future to now living and breathing an inspired life by my own design.

When you can accept your journey as a story, transform those lessons + meld them into your purpose you can truly see your value, your worth and become UNSTOPPABLE.

Don't settle.
This is your life, do it on your terms.
Start now!

"I believe anything is possible when you stop living your life for everyone else, unapologetically accept your true self,  connect with your heart + soul, tap into your mission and ignite your vision." - Lysa Michel




Life is short, make every second count!

What do you need help with right now?

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Recreate your life

Get out of your comfort zone, connect with a deep sense of purpose and dial in your dream life.

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Discover your gifts

Courses for you to uncover your spiritual & natural gifts and how to integrate them into your life + business. 

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Brand Building

Showcase your authenticity, share your message with the world & dial in your dream life.

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"Thank you Lysa, I didn't know how quickly my life could change by developing my intuition" 
- Sara, Course Attendee

"From 1k to 6k in a matter of months and now working 100% full time in my business. That's because of you Lysa."
- Rhi, Spiritual Business Coaching

"I have my life back. I am now seeing everything come together. It's thanks to your guidance and support Lysa."
- Christine, Inner Circle Client

 In general I help people expand their results in life through trainings in these areas:

Abundance & ManifestationBusiness & EntrepreneurIntuition & Natural GiftsLive Your LifeLove & RelationshipsPassion & PurposeSoul Alignment & Mindset and Spiritual Connection.

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It doesn't have to be perfect you just have to start

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