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Lysa Michel is a leading Australian Psychic,
Medium, Coach and Mentor.

I am here to help you to live a better life and prepare you for the afterlife.

Connecting with the spirit world I have found a sense of clarity, comfort and purpose that I now help others to find this within themselves and know that we are never alone, even when we think we are.

If you have unanswered questions or would like to learn more about the spirit world then this website will provide you with some insight.
I am a firm believer that we are shown what we need when we are open to seeing it.
Spirit has always provided me with the insight that I need, not what I wanted and this has provided me with the greatest of peace and healing in my life and the lives of those who connect with me.

Attend a live show in your area and experience a unique event with Lysa as she let's spirit speak through her to share their unique stores, validation, insight and messages from life after life.

"You had my son come through, I just want to say what a comfort this was for me. The things you said were spot on. Even things you said that didn't make sense at the time did once I had time to reflect.  The way you communicated with him and me with such warmth, honesty and kindness is something that continues to bring me such comfort. - Mandy"


Event Attendee

"Lysa channelled my father & conveyed information no-one would know. Dad gave messages & love I have waited so long for. Mum's turn, still pointing that finger! This reading was life changing. Lysa's accuracy & detail was uncanny-spot on!"


Event Attendee

"Thank you soooo much. I really appreciated hearing from my Nanna and little brother. I woke up this morning feeling lighter (if that makes sense) I finally feel peaceful."


Personal Session

"Lysa you are so accurate. I want to thank you for everything you shared today. You have concreted my path that I was on! I know that everything I have put in place will get me to the best life and I will accomplish. Thank you sincerely! You rock!"


VIP Client

"I have never worked with someone who pin pointed exactly what was happening with me so quickly. I have found confidence and a new love for the work I do. Lysa really helped me see my world more clearly, and for that I am forever grateful. Thank you Lysa."

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Pick a Martini Glass Channelled Message

I adore these types of channelled messages as they are a wonderful way for you to receive some insight with what is happening in your life at this time. If you would like to work with me or come along to an event, sign up for my email news to receive regular updates from me.
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Fuck me… why the hell do we go around in circles and circles and constantly question and wonder about every damn thing instead of doing the damn thing. If you get a feeling that something might not be right for you it probably isn’t. If you get a feeling, you might love something inside and
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Often when we start on a journey toward a goal, a vision or something that is inspirational that lives in our soul we embark with a sense of adventure, ready for any challenge and little do we know that every adventure comes with the usual difficulties experienced in just about every area of our lives