Unleash your limitless potential and manifest impact, abundance and a lifestyle beyond your wildest dreams 

Meet Lysa

Unleash your limitless potential and manifest impact, abundance and a lifestyle beyond your wildest dreams

Meet Lysa

Become ALL of who you know you were always meant to become

Hi, I'm Lysa Michel,

Do you want to become the 'soul' you?

Want to release what is limiting you in this human experience?

Would you like to reconnect with your loved ones on the other side?

Do you feel a deep calling to pursue a purpose that seems completely illogical?

A pull inside you to do something others might think is just a little crazy?

You know it is just a part of you and something you must do, be or create? 

You're a visionary, a big dreamer and want to change the world which also means you are empathetic, possibly chaotic and just a little bit of a rule breaker.

You want to help others and be of service, you also love being able to create your life on your terms because you are passionate about personal and business development.

You're motivated, driven and ready to say 'fuck it' and do the damn thing that keeps calling at you.

You ely not boring, probably been told you get too big for your boots and you want to have fun in life + in business.

You can be quite serious, get taken the wrong way at times and you do love to push the envelope + mix things up.

You know what you want and you want a coach or mentor to help guide you down the path both in your personal life and in this business that keeps calling at you to make happen.

There is a sense of 'I need to build it so they will come' going on and maybe you haven't pulled all the pieces together because you might still be a big green in business and you need a bit of direction, upskill, magic and a drop of strategy.

My free and paid offerings can help you whether you are a beginner or well on your way, I am here to help get you to yend result.

Ready to play?

Val, Mastermind

I am loving doing business my way. I feel like a weight has lifted and I now know I can do this.

Christine, VIP Client

I have my life back and everything is coming together. Thanks for your guidance and support.

Rhi, Business Coaching

From 1k to 6k in a matter of months and now working full-time in my soul-based business.