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My Story
My Why
Who is Lysa Michel
My mission
A Final Note from Lysa

My Story

I went from being a near-bankrupt suicidal single mother feeling hopeless and without a future too now having a happy and successful life and business.

I can show you how, but first let me share a little more about my story.

9-11 a spirit 'appeared' behind my boyfriend, to later have it validated that it was his stepfather passed over...this was the beginning of a new life for me.

When I told my boyfriend about the man, what he looked like and what the man was showing me he said: "That sounds like my step-father who passed over."

A few months later we went to his junior school fete. I walked into a classroom and saw the same man in a photograph. I called my boyfriend in and he said yes, that's him, he was a janitor at the school.

That moment it was validated, that it was his stepfather passed over...OOOOKKKK.


I was 28 and that experience changed my whole life.

Similar things happened over the next 6 months and I decided I needed to find out more.

I heard about Reiki (a form of energy healing) I decided to become a Reiki Practitioner and completed my Level I and II where I went on to be a part of a Reiki Practice Group that met on a weekly basis and went on for about 2 1/2yrs.

During my time in the group, I had so many amazing experiences both meeting some amazing people and placing myself in a position to hold space for others.

This was extremely empowering and inspiring to me.

Not only was I in service of others but it ignited this passion around truly helping other to create their own life on their terms.

When I look back, what I have come to realise is those few years were CRUCIAL to my psychic and mediumistic development as I had to keep myself out of the picture with the person.

I would just know information about loved ones passed over as they would around the table while the client receiving the healing. I could feel the energy of the living and the dead so easily and just knew things about people that I later realised was my intuitive, psychic and mediumship abilities.

I went on to learn Reconnecting Healing in Auckland, New Zealand and after returning to Australia I continued to practice Reiki and Reconnective Healing.

I started attending psychic and mediumship development workshops to understand and hone my skills more and I was reading everything I possibly could about it as well to understand.

Then I started my own developmental meditation group that I ran twice a week for 2 years until I decided to shift my focus on doing group readings for the public in a live show - speakers style events.

I loved every minute of it and it felt very easy for me.

During this time I was also diving into personal and spiritual development and completed a number of coaching and business development programs.

I knew I wanted to help people with their life and path and not just providing readings.

I believe we create our life and I now share and teach about connecting with your passion, your purpose and living your life according to your highest dreams and goals and that the only person standing in your YOU!

When you take responsibility for your life you have the power to change it. the way forward and how you manifest not only the life of your dreams but what you just know you were born for.

My transformation happened when I DECIDED enough was enough and it was now my time.

RESULT = I live a life I love, have a business that feels so aligned and am super passionate about helping you do the same.

My Why

The spirit world saved my life.  I wouldn't be alive today if it wasn't for them. I want you to know the power and beauty of the spirit world but also the power and beauty that resides inside of you.

My purpose, the reason I do what I do is to help you see that you were born to live an amazing life.

If I can help just one person NOT lose their life to self-victimisation, depression and suicide then I have achieved success.

I love to help women connect with their purpose & passion and build a life and business they are wildly excited about as passionate female entrepreneurs and watch them become happy and successful.

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Who is Lysa Michel

I am an intuitive, guide, energetic activator, psychic, medium, divine channel, coach, mentor, passion seeker, soul speaker, spiritualist, educator, mover & shaker, and empire maker who is also a wife, mother, daughter, big talker and super passionate gal.

You can tell a lot about a person when you learn about some of their favourite things... I love the finer things in life but I also love my creature champagne & chippies, I love binging on a good psyche series on Netflix and love nothing better than a day by the ocean, a cocktail in the city and spending time with my family is my number one priority.

As a messenger, content creator, author, medium and mentor I connect with people all over the world to help them become the best version they can of themselves through my online journal, shows, training, courses and programs.

I am known for being a #kickassqueen, my bold quirky personality, my 'I will give it to you straight' personality that hits the nail on the head every time.

Through my online journaling, I aim to be the catalyst that helps you shift and shape your life and ultimately #unfuckyourself.

I am not afraid to share with you, my life, my story, my struggles and fears, overcoming addictions, my successes and failures - my 'real' self in hopes of inspiring you to find your inner courage, wisdom and tenacity to do the same.

'Psychic' abilities run strong in my family and I use these abilities in EVERY element of my work and life.

My focus is to meld both the intuitive and coaching worlds, the psychic and the coach to provide a unique experience.

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My Mission


To help as many women as I can to live a long, happy and successful life.

My dream is to leave a legacy of empowerment and understanding that women have a choice, and if you have a dream it's not selfish to pursue it, it's actually selfish not to.

A final note from Lysa Michel

I believe we are all born with our own natural gifts, talents & abilities, unique to us, with the right amount of support & inspiration we are all capable of so many amazing things in our life.

I have experienced yet navigated through some of life's biggest lessons and survived.

My whole life changed and I want to show you how to do the same.

You are meant to truly LIVE instead of exsist.

Life is a journey that ebbs and flows...together we can make the world a better place.

When will it be time for you to decided to become the real YOU and launch yourself in to the world?

If not now, when?

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